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What is an adoption 3Bee?


Thanks to our technology, your hive is monitored h24. Thanks to the detection of the main biological parameters of bees, such as weight, temperature, humidity, and sound intensity, you can follow the progress, growth, and health of your bees. Directly from your smartphone.


Receive your digital certificate by e-mail now. You will find valuable information about your hive and your bees. If the adoption is a gift, you can print it and deliver it directly to the recipient.


Enter your details directly in your profile and wait for the honey of your choice to be sent. We respect the production times of the bees and the beekeeper. Check in your profile when the honey will be delivered.


Our ethical principles

No prohibited substances

Our beekeepers take the best care of their bees, without using substances prohibited by law and which can damage the hive and honey.

Daily care

Thanks to our monitoring systems, the hives are constantly kept under control, allowing the beekeeper to intervene promptly if necessary.


The honey produced is genuine and artisan and is not subjected to any industrial processing that alters its quality and organoleptic composition.

No importing and blending

The honey is produced exclusively by the beekeeper you chose, no other honey may be purchased or blended with other types or adulterants.

Attention to bee health

Any problems or abnormalities in the hive are handled promptly to ensure the good health of the hive and the bees.

Honey control by sample

In order to guarantee the quality and genuineness of the product and to protect the consumer, we carry out random checks on the honey of our beekeepers.

New technologies for bee protection

Our innovative technology is designed to help the beekeeper and protect the bees. That's why our devices are minimally invasive and create very little disturbance for bees.

Biomimetic monitoring

Our sensors are designed to integrate well within the hive and not disturb the development and growth of the hive.

Give the adoption of a hive

Don't be a dull person and give a different gift to your friends and family.
Choose bees and give a hive so you can help us protect bees
What the person you give it to will receive.
- the honey produced by the adopted hive
- the credentials to access the 3bee app, so that they will be able to monitor daily the flow of honey in the hive
3Bee is the reference for sustainability, the defense of bees and biodiversity
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