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The 3Bee box is the first box that allows you to become a 3Bee adopter, becoming part of our community with more than 100,000 adopters. Now you can request it for your store and offer your customers a unique and sustainable experience.


For the first 100 stores an exclusive offer

The advantages for your store
Product already appreciated by more than 100,000 users
They use our app daily and are learning about the bees' world
Formula on consignment, with zero risk for you
We would like to give you a new product that can become the perfect gift for all occasions.
Unique experience for your customer, monitoring from the app and honey directly home
Unique experience for your customer, monitoring from the app and honey directly to his home
Easy-to-manage product, 3Bee takes care of honey shipping
You'll just have to activate it after the sale and re-order them when they sell out.

What's 3Bee Box

The 3Bee box is part of the "Adopt a hive" project. With our 3Bee systems, you can remotely follow the development and growth of the hive to dive even deeper into the incredible world of bees.

    The 3Bee Box is a physical box set containing:

  • The adoption of a beehive choosing among more than 150 Italian beekeepers
  • Bee health monitoring and beekeeper updates with photos and videos
  • A 170-page educational book with lots of interesting information about beekeeping and honey
  • A dedicated beekeeper: videos and photos straight from the schools' beekeeper
Community 3Bee


Monitored bees
Through 3Bee sensors, we analyze the vital parameters of bees


Regenerated Oases
Lands regenerated by 3Bee and its growers (biodiversity growers)


Companies developing environmental projects with 3Bee

Over 100

Participating stores
Number of stores participating in the 3Bee box initiative

Over 500

Boxes sold
Number of boxes sold by stores

Everything is ready for your shop

Displays, brochures and all the support from the 3Bee team to make special the 3Bee shopping experience in your store.

The 3Bee box can be an incredible, original and ethical gift for everyone. With 3Bee there is not only the possibility to help the environment and the bees, but it will be possible to support the local biodiversity, to know more about the local beekeepers and their honey and to taste at home a very special honey.




Discover some success stories of Italian stores that have started bringing sustainability into their store thanks to the Box 3Bee box set.

Cinzia of La Bottega Eco&Logica

I chose to join the Box 3Bee initiative because I wanted to make a contribution, however small, to the sustainability of our Earth; the idea of adopting a beehive and helping beekeepers in this environmentally problematic moment made me immediately say "Come on Cinzia here is a nice and new thing to propose in the store, remember you are La Bottega Eco&Logica, who better than you to promote Box????" So there you have it and I must say they really liked the idea and I hope to get some teachers involved.

Luca from stationery shop Delizia

I finally found a great gift idea to recommend to my customers! The 3Bee Box is greatly appreciated because it is original and there has never been a similar solution in a store in the city of Turin.


Are you a private?

Are you a private and want to buy or give the Box 3Bee as a gift?
The Box 3Bee can be an amazing, original and ethical gift for everyone. Not only is there a chance to do good for the environment and bees, but you will be able to support local biodiversity.
Find out where to find it or buy it online.

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