Corporate Gifts

Put sustainability at the center and really amaze your employees, giving as a gift the bees and the biodiversity

Protecting bees

Why corporate gifts with 3Bee

3Bee makes its Biodiversity available. You can then give employees and customers the gift of pollinator protection, Co2 absorption, or even bee nectar. Local ecosystem protection projects packaged to become the first ethical and sustainable corporate gift.


Gifts that protect

With 3Bee Corporate Gifts, you don't get a boring and heartless gadget, but a real gift with which to impress. 3Bee adoptions allow everyone to receive honey, absorb co2, produce nectar and have a concrete and measurable impact on biodiversity.

Protection of bees

3Bee has developed a unique technology for caring for bees and pollinators. We monitor them, care for them, and give them fresh nectar.

Nectar Generation

Placed nectariferous essences producing over 100 Tons of nectar and reduced bee mortality from starvation.

Co2 Absorption

Planted, maintained and grew nearly 100 thousand Trees, absorbing 2000 tons of Co2 each year.

Soil Redevelopment

We have activated soil redevelopment projects on more than 10 thousand hectares.


Gift a beehive

Let's protect the bees together and monitor their health. Honey is the gift they will receive.


Gift a tree

Choose a tree across Italy, give it as a gift. You'll help bees, absorb CO2 and produce nectar.


Box 3Bee

Gift a beehive enhanced by an illustrated book on bees and Italian biodiversity.

Adopt a beehive

Offer the gift of adopting a hive to your employees. They will access the app, monitor the hive throughout the year and enjoy unique honey. In one year they will receive hive progress, growth, bee health monitoring data.

On average, a 3Bee user logs in 100 times a year to monitor their hive. 100 times they will remember your gift like enterprise.

It is not the classic gadget but a concrete commitment to bee protection.


Box 3Bee

Part of the project adopt a beehive. The 3Bee Box is the original, tangible gift you can give to anyone you want. Inside are illustrations and news about bees. A list of all our beekeeping heroes and the best hives to monitor and care for. Inside you will find the code to redeem your hive and follow its growth for 1 year. A gift that won't stay in the drawer. 10% off if you buy directly online


The nectariferous Tree

Bees are suffering the greatest hunger crisis in history, with mortalities exceeding 50 per cent. 3Bee sensors record unprecedented mortalities due to the lack of nectar. Trees and essences are becoming increasingly sparse and are often replaced by trees unsuitable for bees and ecosystems.

We are thus planting around 100,000 nectar trees to feed our bees. You can adopt and give away our trees, absorb Co2 and produce nectar. A 360° project involving beekeeping communities, the environment, but also ecosystems.

3Bee is technology and again provides an advanced tree growth tracking APP as well as satellite analysis to show how our oases value the environment. Planting trees can be done by anyone, measuring the ecosystem impact is only sensors and science.


The Benefits for your enterprise

Protection of

Through 3Bee gifts you protect biodiversity, and through monitoring data we will create a 1-year long educational pathway.

for the collaborators

Through the 3Bee app we will enter a 1-year educational journey. Together we will learn and track the growth of our bees.

and social impact

Protecting bees and regenerating biodiversity is the corporate gift you might not expect.

Development Goals

3Bee corporate gifts are consistent with the SDGs defined by the United Nations Organization in the 2030 Agenda.

How to start?

Fill out the form below, write down your requirements, the number of contributors and if you have a deadline to meet. One of our explorer bees will get to work and develop a unique, sustainable and biodiversity-impacting gift for you.

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Protected bees
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Pollinated flowers
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