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Absorb CO2 and improve your biodiversity index.

The threat

Nectar pastures are declining due to several factors of anthropogenic origin: loss of biodiversity, climate change, and soil loss. Thus, pollinators have increasing difficulty in finding nectar resources. But we can do something about it.
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The impact of 3Bee

Together let's create new habitats for pollinators and enhance local biodiversity conservation. Let's build a more sustainable and responsible future.

Choose the right plan for you

Different options for every need, from small to large impacts on biodiversity.

Improve your ESG targets

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Quality Education
Clean Water and Sanitation
Decent Work and the Economy
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Responsible Production and Consumption
Climate Action
Life on Earth
Partnership for Goals

The Forest

Our forests consist of at least three nectariferous forest species planted by selected growers.
This makes it possible to create pastures with scalar blooms, making pollinators find melliferous stocks in all seasons.

The impact on your brand

Develop your ESG project with 3Bee and together we will build the largest network of Biodiversity Oases in Europe!
Are you ready to make a difference?

Bosco Virtuale

Your forest in the virtual Oasis

Your forests under control and geolocated on a landing.
Through IoT technology, data about your completed projects convey to your virtual oasis that is accessible to Collaborators, Users, Customers and Stakeholders (to all enterprise information sistem via API)

Our success stories

Discover a few success stories, from among over 600 customers, where a company's commitment has had a major social or environmental impact.

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Let’s get in touch

Start your journey to have a real impact on biodiversity protection and make your company biodiversity net-positive.

  • What are Biodiversity Oases?
  • What are the benefits of adopting an Oasis?
  • How does the process of adopting an Oasis work?
  • What are the costs associated with adopting an Oasis?
  • What does impact monitoring include?
  • Can I visit the Oasis adopted by my company?
  • How can I get more information about Biodiversity Oases and Adoption for my company?

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