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Adopt a corporate hive, support biodiversity, join the biomonitoring with sentinel bees.

We monitor biodiversity

Bees and Beehives: Pioneer Bioindicators. They fly about 3 km for pollen and nectar, recording information on plant biodiversity. Your adopted hive, as well as being cared for, will dialogue with the sensors, revealing what it has collected. We will reduce bee mortality, analyse biodiversity and create a network of sentinels across Europe.

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Why 3Bee bees?

Become a sustainable company, protect biodiversity adopt a beehive.


remotely or in-house your 3Bee hive


with experienced beekeepers and guardians of biodiversity

App & Honey

monitor, share your hive and receive honey

Choose the right plan for you

Different options for every need, from small to large impacts on biodiversity.

Improve your ESG targets

SDGs Logo

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Zero Hunger
Quality Education
Decent Work and the Economy
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Responsible Production and Consumption
Climate Action
Life on Earth
Partnership for Goals

Corporate beehive

3Bee offers the possibility of adopting one or more beehives from a distance for your oasis.
Using proprietary technology, we monitor environmental parameters to analyse the biodiversity around us and the health of pollinators.
We can reduce family mortality by -30%, monitor 300,000 bees and analyse the impact of humans on biodiversity.

The impact on your brand

The colours of biodiversity combining innovation, technology, community and environment.

oasi digitale

L’oasi virtuale

Il progetto è sul territorio ma anche online:
- digitalizzare le tue api e monitorarle in tempo reale
- far adottare alveari 4.0 in tutta Italia.
Tramite tecnologia IoT i dati relativi ai tuoi alveari convogliano nella tua oasi virtuale accessibile a Collaboratori, Utenti, Clienti e Stakeholders (a tutti i sistemi informatici aziendali tramite API).

Our success stories

Discover a few success stories, from among over 600 customers, where a company's commitment has had a major social or environmental impact.

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Let’s get in touch

Start your journey to have a real impact on biodiversity protection and make your company biodiversity net-positive.

  • What are Biodiversity Oases?
  • What are the benefits of adopting an Oasis?
  • How does the process of adopting an Oasis work?
  • What are the costs associated with adopting an Oasis?
  • What does impact monitoring include?
  • Can I visit the Oasis adopted by my company?
  • How can I get more information about Biodiversity Oases and Adoption for my company?

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