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Bees play a very important role for our planet as, through their pollination activity, they ensure the reproduction of plants, the maintenance of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems.However, the threats to the survival of these small insects are many, and in 10 years an estimated 10 million hives have disappeared. Through the work and care of beekeepers it is possible to counteract this loss; the special 3Bee technology is an additional aid that can decrease bee mortality by up to 30%.<a href="https://www.gruppofabbri.com/">Fabbri Group</a>, which has been providing packaging solutions for the food industry for over 70 years, with the project "Bee way - Fabbri 4 Planet" and the adoption of a beehive actively contributes to the protection of 300 thousand bees and the pollination of 300 million flowers.Preserving resources and minimising waste has always been our duty.