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Pernod Ricard Italia decided to create its 'Bees&Trees' Biodiversity Oasis to protect beehives and bees with 3Bee technology.

The project is a three-year project and involves three phases: the installation of a technological apiary consisting of 5 beehives, the planting of a nectariferous forest consisting of 150 cherry trees, and the installation of a Polly House at its headquarters in Milan.

Pernod Ricard Italia's Biodiversity Oasis 'Bees&Trees' will protect 1.5 million bees, absorb 336 tonnes of CO2, feed over 7 million bees and produce around 100 kg of honey each year.

Thanks to 3Bee monitoring, you will be able to watch them grow, while a local beekeeper takes care of them.