In the School of Biodiversity

Educating primary schools to take care of the planet.

Training as a Core Principle

Does your school care about biodiversity? Sensitize the younger ones through the 3Bee program: In the School of Biodiversity. Communicate the importance of pollinators and shape the ambassadors of change. If you are a teacher, sign up for the form and receive digital materials for free!


Ambassadors of


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Children ambassadors
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Classes involved

Tell the Biodiversity Story in Class

Our program extends throughout the entire school year, offering teaching materials and practical activities.


9 teaching modules


Activities and workshops to be done in class, along with summaries and assignments


Adoption of a beehive remotely through 3Bee technology


A dedicated Oasis for the class: an online portal where teaching materials can be found and the beehive can be monitored


Videos and photos directly from the school's beekeeper

Educational Modules

For Schools and

The free program

A journey divided into 9 modules, designed to accompany the class throughout the school year. Sign up and receive the Brochure with all the information!

  • Multimedia and teaching materials
  • Access to the technological beehive for children
  • Digital oasis for the class

Teaching Material

A journey divided into 9 modules, designed to accompany the class throughout the school year.

Who is 3Bee

3Bee develops systems to improve the health of bees and protect biodiversity. Our unique and innovative technologies allow us to listen to the needs of pollinators and intervene when they are not well. Education and awareness are among our core values: we want to stimulate children and enable them to convey the importance of pollinators and biodiversity.

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Are you a company that wants to support a school?

“Bring Biodiversity to School” is 3Bee's innovative project that allows companies to invest directly in the future of their territory. We offer local schools an educational program enriched with materials and activities with experienced beekeepers, aiming to educate the new generation on the importance of biodiversity and environmental sustainability.


Companies that have chosen us

Read what our partners think as we accompany them on their journey toward environmental sustainability.

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The Digital Oasis is an online platform accessible to teachers and students, where you can find teaching material. This virtual environment is designed to integrate learning in the classroom and provide useful tools to delve into the topic of biodiversity and sustainability.