3Bee: at school for biodiversity

Let's raise ambassadors for change

Who is 3Bee
We protect biodiversity
Thanks to technology we protect beesì
We raise awareness of environmental and social issues
We bring our projects to adults and children everywhere

3Bee: at school for biodiversity

3Bee: at school for biodiversity is a project that aims to raise awareness among young children to understand the importance of biodiversity and bees, with the goal of training them as ambassadors of change.
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  • 9 modules non-binding, from September to May
  • Activities and workshops to be done in class, as well as summaries and homework to be handed in and done at home
  • Adoption of a remote hive through 3Bee technology, to become little digital beekeepers!
  • An Oasis dedicated to the classroom: an online portal, where educational materials can be found and the hive can be monitored
  • A dedicated beekeeper: videos and photos straight from the schools' beekeeper

First Steps

A path from September to May, designed to accompany the class throughout the school year.
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  • Monitoring a 3Bee hive
  • 4 Ebook (6-12 years)
  • Lab worksheets on bees and biodiversity
  • Educational videos
  • 30 Accesses to your hive

The 3Bee hives

3Bee develops systems to improve bee health and protect biodiversity.
Our unique and innovative technologies allow us to listen to pollinators' needs and intervene when they are unwell.

Theeducation and awareness are among our main goals: we want to stimulate children and empower them to tell about the importance of bees and biodiversity. 


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3Bee is the reference for sustainability, the defense of bees and biodiversity
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