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3Bee, a world where technology meets nature. Monitor the health of your bees with unprecedented precision thanks to Hive-tech


What is Hive-tech

Hive-Tech is an IoT system that, when applied to a beehive, constantly collects biometric information about the bee colony, including data on weight, temperature, humidity, and sound intensity.

Innovative Technology

3Bee's Hive-Tech technology marks a turning point in the world of biodiversity technologies. Here are its key features that will transform how you monitor and manage your hives:

Hive-Tech Features



Modular and compact

Benefits of Hive Tech


Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your hive from anywhere


Optimize Your Work

Strategically plan your activities


Reduce Bee Mortality

Thanks to data on hive health


Move Your Hives

Monitor GPS location and manage movements

Hive-Tech Full Pro V.2


Purchase mode 1

€499 / one-time + €40/year

+ €25 shipping

Add internal sensor €150

Purchase mode 2

€499 / one-time + €250

for 10 years (50% discount)

+ €25 shipping

Add internal sensor €150

Data Transmission

Twice a day

LED Display

GSM Antenna

Included Multi-operator SIM


Creation and management of hives

3Bee APP

You can monitor your Hive-Tech directly from the 3Bee APP and be updated daily on the health status of your hives. Weather, weight, humidity, and much more on your smartphone and at any time. Additionally, through the chat, we offer assistance.
You can also input notes informing customers about your interventions, and share photos and videos of the bees.

Stories of Diverse Beekeepers

Hive-Tech technology narrated directly by our beekeepers, who use the monitoring system every day.

Project Contribution

This product has been developed with the contribution of the European Union through the Hive-Tech project, grant agreement Hive-Tech (ID 871234).
This product has been developed with the contribution of the Campania Region through the Hive-Intelligence project (CUP B73D18000090007).


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The Hive-Tech scale uses IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to detect the weight of the beehive and transmit the data to an online platform accessible to the beekeeper. This allows monitoring bee activity, such as honey accumulation or colony health, and receiving notifications in case of significant variations.