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We are the leading climate tech company for protecting biodiversity through technology. We implement tangible and measurable regeneration projects in line with ESG goals.

Implement environmental sustainability projects with 3Bee

Why an ESG project with 3Bee

Through our technological approach, in line with ESG goals, we support entities and companies in optimizing their policies to protect and conserve biodiversity. A commitment reflected in our three core values:



3Bee's innovative technologies, based on remote sensing and bioacoustics, make it possible to monitor the health of bees, pollinators and their connection to ecosystems.



3Bee is the first player to create Biodiversity Oases: urban and agroforestry habitats created in areas of low biodiversity, with the goal of regenerating it.



3Bee works with research centers, schools, farmers, agencies, businesses and citizens to promote the importance of biodiversity conservation.

Become an ambassador for change with your business

Implement a tangible and measurable regeneration project to make a positive impact
and become an "ambassador of change" with your business.

Our Environmental Sustainability Projects


Monitoring Projects

We monitor terrestrial biodiversity through our proprietary technologies.


Regeneration Projects

We plant nectariferous trees and map the biodiversity index using Flora.


Training Projects

We work alongside companies, schools and research centers to spread the importance of biodiversity.

Achieve your ESG goals with 3Bee

Zero Hunger

Through pollinators, 3Bee supports food security. Pollinators are essential for plant reproduction, ensuring food production and the sustainability of agricultural systems.

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We are excited to hear your ideas and work together to create sustainable solutions that align with your vision and goals

The impact monitored with Technology


HiveTech is an IoT system that, when applied to a beehive, collects biometric information about the colony and analyzes the quality of the environment.

The device collects all relevant data about the colony (weight, temperature, humidity, sound intensity), which is then analyzed using artificial intelligence to determine the health of the hive and its environment.

Data from the device can be integrated with laboratory sampling and analysis to determine the presence of pesticides or heavy metals.

Scientific partners

In our mission for biodiversity, we do this together with research centers, universities


Le aziende che ci hanno scelto

What do the partners we accompany on their journey to environmental sustainability think.

Human biodiversity

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The Business Community

3Bee's community of corporate clients is a vast network committed to environmental sustainability and nature conservation through the adoption of bees, trees and pollinators. Together, they work to create a positive impact on the health of the planet and build a more sustainable future.

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Start your journey to make a real impact on biodiversity protection by helping to achieve your ESG goals.

3Bee is the partner of companies that want to have a positive and concrete impact on biodiversity and pollinator protection. The services offered accompany companies on the journey from start to finish, from implementing biodiversity projects such as adopting a corporate beehive and planting nectariferous forests to engaging their employees and customers with sustainable gifts and team building events.