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What are Planting Projects

At 3Bee, we provide nectariferous species carefully selected based on the specific characteristics of your territory. Our regeneration projects are an opportunity for owners of unused land to actively participate in an environmental rehabilitation program and simultaneously receive economic returns.

The Pillars of 3Bee: How We Do It

We actively commit to a future where technological innovation blends with respect for the environment and habitat regeneration.



Through proprietary technologies, we monitor the health of the habitat using data on pollinators, bees, or flora.



We promote biodiversity and ecological balance by actively regenerating low biodiversity lands.



We firmly believe in the importance of education and raise awareness among companies and communities about biodiversity issues.



Engaged Agricultural Companies


Minimum number of plants offered for free

60 thousand

Nectariferous plants planted

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To collaborate with us, you must:
  • Have an agricultural company
  • Plant at least 250 plants of at least 4 different species
  • Own land in Italy with no minimum size limits.

How It Works

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What is a Nectariferous Forest

A nectariferous forest is an area dedicated to cultivating nectariferous plants of different species, i.e., plant species rich in nectar and pollen, essential elements for the nutrition of pollinators like bees. These biodiversity oases are designed not only to support the lives of bees but also to contribute to the health of the local ecosystem.<br></br-Let's create the next nectariferous forest together!

Agrivoltaic Project

Do you want to participate in an agrivoltaic project with your land?
Discover 3Bee's Beenergy projects where we combine biodiversity protection with energy production.

Forests of Our Growers

At 3Bee, we celebrate and value the fundamental role of our growers in creating and maintaining Biodiversity Oases. Each nectariferous forest, cared for with dedication and passion by agricultural companies, is a living testament to our shared commitment to a more diverse future.
The following section will take you on a journey through the various Biodiversity Oases created by our growers.

Are you a company wanting to create a Nectariferous Forest?

Contact us to discover how your company can bring a Nectariferous Forest to life. Our team is ready to guide you through every step of this exciting journey towards environmental sustainability.

Human Biodiversity

Discover our communities

Partner CompaniesPartner Companies: 201
CO2 AbsorbedCO2 Absorbed: 13.000T

The Companies Community

3Bee's community of client companies is a vast network committed to environmental sustainability and nature conservation through the adoption of bees, trees, and pollinators. Together, they work to make a positive impact on the planet's health and build a more sustainable future.

The Companies Community
The Companies Community

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3Bee offers you two ways to enhance your land: by financing you to create a Tariff Forest or by paying you rent for the implementation of a Beenergy agrivoltaic system.