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Enter the world of Academy 3Bee, where sustainability meets innovation for 4.0 training.

What is Academy 3Bee
and Why Choose It

Academy 3Bee combines professional development and environmental responsibility in a new way of training your employees through practical and theoretical activities.


ESG Training

From practical and theoretical activities in the beautiful natural settings of our locations throughout Italy to interactive workshops on sustainability and biodiversity, we offer experiences that strengthen teamwork, promote corporate social responsibility, and inspire positive change.


Networking and Collaboration:

The CSR Oasis network is a unique opportunity for companies and professionals to stay updated on the latest developments in sustainability, engage with other industry professionals, and access cutting-edge tools. Not just networking but also continuous education and daily support from the 3Bee technical team.


Innovation and Update

Choosing Academy 3Bee means embracing innovation and staying updated. Our Academy stands out for an innovative approach to training, combining theory and practice for experiential and engaging learning.

Training with 3Bee

Empower employee engagement with unique team-building activities, join a network of sustainability experts, and adopt a school to help shape ambassadors of change.


Employee Engagement

Take employees into a new paradigm of experience-based learning. Corporate team building can consist of various 3Bee experiences:
  • - “Beekeeper for a Day”
  • - “Sustainable Academy”
  • - “Planting Activities”.

Continuous Training

Join the CSR Oasis Network for a learning journey in sustainability.
  • - modules, webinars, and selected events, perfect for staying updated on the latest sustainability trends
  • - networking with other sustainability professionals
  • - cutting-edge tools and a dedicated web app.

Community Engagement

Contribute to shaping ambassadors of change, the primary school children in your area.
Benefits with 3Bee:
  • - Make your mission and corporate vision tangible for the well-being of the planet
  • - Receive a digital corporate oasis with impact pins and KPIs: #schools involved #students sensitized

Why Choose Academy 3Bee


Unique Training

The 3Bee Academy offers specific training on biodiversity, a topic underexplored but increasingly important for businesses.


Addressing Global Concerns

Training ambassadors of change allows concrete action for a positive impact on the planet.


Creating Conscious Leaders

Ambassadors of change lead organizations towards sustainable practices.


Competitive Advantage

Biodiversity-conscious organizations stand out in the market and attract clients and talent aligned with these values.


Reduced Risks

Understanding biodiversity enables organizations to anticipate environmental, legal, or reputational risks.


Practical Application

Our practical approach equips participants with concrete skills applicable in their realities.



Thanks to Academy 3Bee, organizations network with experts who share similar values.

Companies that Chose the Academy


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The companies that have chosen us

What do the partners we accompany on their journey to environmental sustainability think.

Human biodiversity


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Our Growers

The Growers 3Bee community consists of beekeepers and farmers committed to caring for soils, pollinators, and plants through sustainable farming practices and the adoption of bees, trees, and pollinators. Together, they work to promote biodiversity conservation and improve the sustainability of agriculture.

Companies participating in 3Bee training projects benefit in various ways. First, they gain a deeper understanding of the importance of biodiversity and environmental sustainability. This helps build a more responsible and aware corporate culture. Second, employees develop skills and knowledge that can be applied both in the workplace and personally. Finally, participation in these projects promotes a sense of belonging and commitment to corporate sustainability goals.


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Begin your journey to make a real impact on biodiversity protection while working towards your ESG goals.

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