Monitored Hives

Your hives in a click

3Bee ® develops monitoring systems to improve bee management and health.


increase your production

Stop wasting the precious
honey produced by your bees.

Download the app

Your beehive with one click!


Download the app for Android

You will be able to access your hive directly from your Android. You can monitor the health status and use our app as a management tool!


Download the app for Apple

You will be able to access your hive directly from your Apple. You can monitor the health status and use our app as a management tool!


Log in also from PC

From your PC you can remotely monitor the growth of your hive with 3Bee sensors. Weight, humidity, temperature and sounds! As well as news from your beekeeper

Monitor your bees

The app for monitoring your bees and for sleeping peacefully.

Your hive, always connected. Monitor production, keep track of all interventions, do not miss a single swarm! The only system in the world with a free APP for the complete management of your apiaries.

Production start

Don't miss the beginning of flowering, every day you can lose up to 3kg per hive.


Production end

Remove the honeycombs in time, do not waste even 1kg of honey.

App to monitor the daily weight variations of your hives.

swarm warning

Control sound intensity to prevent swarming.

App 3Bee monitoring of daily linear weight changes on a linear graph.

Weight control

Monitor the import and consumption of stocks to always know when to intervene.


Brood control

Thanks to the temperature, check if the queen is present and if she is deposing.


Save and earn

Discover all the funcionalities

3Bee ® allows you to monitor the parameters of your hive to help you increase production, save time, and optimise apiary management.
Keep your hive always under control and prevent thefts.
With 3Bee ® Hive-Tech devices, you can sell your honey on our "Adopt a Hive" platform.
Sell your honey at retail price and reach customers all over Europe.

Save and optimize your time

Do you want to avoid empty trips?
Let 3Bee ® help you to organize visits and targeted interventions in the apiary.

App 3Bee general bee health monitoring. Technology to protect bees. Adopt a hive with the 3Bee app

Prevent thefts

Remotely monitor your apiaries 24/7
Receive notifications and alerts in case of movement or overturning



Join the “Adopt a Hive” network
Sell your honey in retail before you even produce it all over Italy.


flowerings and vegetative areas.

Find out the exclusive control function for flowerings
used by more than 10 thousands of beekeepers

Manage your calendar. View the production of your stations. Receive notifications in case of theft. Discover anomalies in your hives.


Thanks to the 3Bee ® sensors it is
possible to monitor the hive per
throughout the year.


Monitor your hives' stock, check that the families are healthy and feed them when necessary.


Control your blooms with the 3Bee ® App and plan where to place your hives to maximise yield.


Check the flowering pattern so as not to lose even 1kg of honey.


Prepare your bees for winter and use 3Bee ® to identify the best time for treatments.

improve the management of your hives

The only management for your activity.

Add your apiaries and hives, enter notes and events on the calendar:

  • Analyse the weather forecasts
  • Add controls and the amount of varroa fall
  • Calculate the amount of syrup
  • Add events on the calendar
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