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Monitored bees
Through 3Bee sensors, we analyze the vital parameters of bees


Regenerated Oases
Lands regenerated by 3Bee and its growers (biodiversity growers)


Companies developing environmental projects with 3Bee
World Habitat Day
World Habitat Day 2023: Letter from 3Bee CEO
In the letter written for World Habitat Day 2023, Niccolò Calandri, CEO of 3Bee, stresses the importance of biodiversity conservation and the need for urgent action.
I suoni della biodiversità
"Voci dalle Oasi": la playlist della biodiversità
Per celebrare la Giornata Mondiale dell'Habitat, 3Bee lancia "Voices from the Oases," una playlist Spotify unica nel suo genere che utilizza la tecnologia Spectrum per riprodurre i suoni degli impollinatori e promuovere la conservazione della biodiversità.
Plant a nectariferous tree
To really help pollinators, we need to create sustainable forests and woodlands. Choose a tree from our growers
We Educate
Sign up for our educational projects
Are you a school? Do you want to enter the world of bees? 3Bee has made its knowledge and art available for your students.
Climate campaigns
The Great Meltdown
Climate Change Film: The Coldest Summer of Your Life


3Beedevelops systems to improve
the bees' health and to protect the biodiversity

We develop unique and innovative technologies that enable us to listen to the bees' needs and intervene when they are unwell.

Adopt a beehive

Protect your bees and monitor them with 3Bee technology


CSR for the Brand

A concrete impact on biodiversity and the environment


Are you a beekeeper?

The technology for monitoring and protecting your bees

01Adopt and protect your hive

Choose your hive
and take care of it remotely

Choose the beekeeper you prefer, support his activity, and adopt one of his monitored hives with 3Bee ® devices. Select your favorite honey and receive it directly at home once ready! You will be able to follow remotely the development of your hive.

02Community e Biodiversity

Cooperate with
your brand

Communicate your commitment to the environment and your corporate values through an innovative, tangible, and clear sustainability project. Every protected bee, every pollinated flower, every supported beekeeper tells an exciting story about nature, sacrifice, and love for the planet. Involve your team, stakeholders, and your community in an effective and original way.

03Real-time production

Monitoring for
your beekeeping

Place the device under and inside your beehive and start monitoring your vital signs right away. Check daily weight changes on your personal profile. No subscription or hidden costs. Work with us to improve biodiversity and care for all pollinators together.

04The bees in your shop

Let your unique honey be discovered

Let customers know about your beekeeping activity through 3Bee. Join the “Adopt a beehive” beekeepers’ network. Have your bees adopted and ship your honey directly to your adopters.


Our dearest
customers’ reviews


«I am looking forward to placing a new order. The honey takes a while to arrive, so I suggest you order it before you need it. But once you get it, it will be great. It tastes so full and rich that you will forget about all the honey you bought in the shops. And the sense of satisfaction for taking part in such a noble venture can only go hand in hand.»

Silvia P.

“During the lockdown I got to know the beautiful enterprise of 3Bee, which also involved several beekeepers in my area (North Piedmont). I immediately took the opportunity to support them, as well as "subscribe" to a beehive in southern Italy to taste a honey that I have never been able to find easily, that of citrus fruits. A very positive experience, the honey has already arrived, and it is exceptional! Adopting a hive allows you to adopt a hive at a long distance with the possibility to control it and taste its honey.”

Marsilia Del Vecchio

“I was given a 3Bee ® beehive as a gift thanks to the program that allows me to adopt one. I never thought that something so simple and symbolic could make me so happy. Sometimes I check my hive and in September I will get to know my bees who are now roaming around Italy. Thank you 3Bee ® for actively contributing to the well-being of our planet.”

3Bee is the reference for sustainability, the defense of bees and biodiversity
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