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Biodiversa - Snap and Protect

The app for monitoring and protecting biodiversity, powered by 3Bee.

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Contribute to the largest database of plants and (soon) pollinators with a snap
Collect plants and learn to recognize biodiversity
Challenge yourself and your friends, test yourself with Biodiversa's rarity points
Travel and explore, enhance your experience in nature
Conquer realms and participate in the largest biodiversity study project

Biodiversa: the Community

The Biodiversa app aims to create a cooperative archive dedicated to European biodiversity (flora and fauna). 3Bee leverages its scientific expertise to create a free monitoring tool accessible to everyone, with the goal of engaging a community composed not only of nature enthusiasts but also travelers, companies, schools, families, and tourist entities.


Transform your travels into a mission of exploration and conservation of biodiversity. Use the app and experience a new way to live with nature.


Transform outdoor walks with your children and grandchildren into an educational experience, stimulate their curiosity about nature, and encourage environmentally respectful behaviors.


Organize innovative and sustainable team building events. Promote corporate values related to sustainability with an activity that strengthens employee bonds and increases their environmental awareness.

Educators and Schools

Use the app during school trips and promote experience-based learning. Enrich the curriculum with real data and contribute to scientific research with your students.

Tour Operators

Create thematic tours, excursions, and exploration paths. Enrich the experience of tourists and visitors to your nature park and contribute valuable data for research and conservation.

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Are you a company?

Participate in the largest biodiversity study project promoted by nature tech 3Bee.

Sponsor challenges within the app or offer prizes redeemable through accumulated points. Integrate your brand with an outdoor experience that promotes health, well-being, and sustainability.

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Who is 3Bee?

3Bee is a naturetech company that develops technologies for monitoring, protecting, and regenerating biodiversity. As a scientific partner, 3Bee collaborates with prestigious research institutes and universities: Biodiversa is created with the goal of bringing citizens closer to scientific research on biodiversity through participation in a citizen science project.


Pollinators monitored by 3Bee


Companies in the 3Bee network


Hectares monitored by 3Bee

3Bee Technologies

3Bee's approach integrates IoT bioacoustic sensors, satellite imagery, and machine learning algorithms (AI) to monitor terrestrial biodiversity and create long-term plans for its regeneration and protection, in line with GRI, ESRS, and SASB reporting standards.


Hive-Tech is an IoT system that, applied to a beehive, analyzes the health of the bee colony and, indirectly, assesses the surrounding environmental conditions.


Spectrum is an IoT bioacoustic sensor that, through continuous monitoring, assesses the diversity and frequency of pollinating insects.


Polly X is a refuge for wild pollinators equipped with IoT sensors for monitoring air quality (particularly PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10).


Flora is a neural network system developed in collaboration with ESA, which processes satellite imagery to assess the potential biodiversity of the territory.

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store, create your account, and start exploring right away! Use the app's camera to take photos of the biodiversity around you and learn more about species through our database.