Sustainable academy

The first real training for corporate sustainability. A 360-degree experience, not the usual workshop that no one follows. NPS 9+.


Why the academy?

Team building is a powerful tool through which one can raise awareness of important issues such as biodiversity and environmental protection to initiate real change.
3Bee's corporate workshops are moments designed for all companies that want to engage their employees in a concrete path to become aware of what is happening to our Planet, providing the tools that can make them professionals and citizens who actively contribute to positive change.
Thanks to the "beekeeper for a day" experience and our guided honey tastings, Academy events are a real concentration of excitement and fun.


The workshop activities

The best way to learn is to gain experience by getting hands-on: our workshops disrupt traditional corporate training to bring employees into new learning paradigm.


Raise employee awareness with training on environmental sustainability

Beekeeper for a day

Involve employees in the sustainability project to make them fully live the company values

Honey tasting

Taste and discover local biodiversity through honey and themed appetizers


Iconic location in nature

For our team building days that aim to raise awareness of climate change and biodiversity, we could only choose iconic locations surrounded by nature that will make the corporate experience memorable. Locations are available throughout Italy.


High impact training

Every employee trained for us is a new sustainability ambassador who becomes an active and direct changemaker for our planet. That's why we do training in a new and engaging way, using quizzes and challenges to make this a fun, yet high-impact educational moment.



Apiary experiences during the event are handled in complete safety. The workshop is guided throughout its duration by our experienced beekeepers. With safety measures and PPE such as beekeeper suits, everyone can participate without risk and fully enjoy the adventure into the world of bees.

04Honey tasting

Biodiversity honey tasting

Honey is a key tool for understanding the biodiversity of an area. Italy is rich in biodiversity: in fact, we can boast more than 50 varieties of honey. During the workshop we will discover them with a guided honey tasting by our beekeeper registered with the National Register of Experts in Sensory Analysis of Honey.


Symbols in support of bees

As a symbol of their commitment to supporting bees and biodiversity each participant at the end of the day will receive:

  • The branded beekeeping suit;
  • a certificate of participation;
  • a jar of honey.

They already have their own oasis

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