Beenergy: Synergy between Clean Energy and Biodiversity

Create an agrivoltaic project to mitigate the impact of your solar or wind park while safeguarding biodiversity.

What is BeEnergy

BeEnergy transforms lands into vital assets for the community and the environment. By combining agrivoltaic technologies with biodiversity regeneration, BeEnergy creates shared value for plant developers, the local community, and the ecosystem. Advanced monitoring, active regeneration, and involvement of local stakeholders come together to create a sustainable future where clean energy and nature thrive in harmony.



Installation of beehives for biomonitoring.


Land Regeneration

Planting nectar-producing plants and agricultural production.


Educational Paths

Engaging local communities through areas with educational paths.


Synergy between Clean Energy and Biodiversity

How We Do It

iconSatellite Analysis

Flora is a neural network system developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) that analyzes plant diversity and the potential biodiversity of the ecosystem based on NDVI. It uses Artificial Intelligence and satellite images to map the study area and estimate the potential biodiversity of the habitat and its suitability for pollinators.



Evaluation of regeneration solutions to meet Park's technical needs


Identification of biodiversity cultivators in the region


Implementation of the regeneration project with the Biodiversity Oasis


Communication of offline and digital intervention with Monitoring Oasis

Benefits of BeEnergy



Partner Companies


Mapped Hectares


Nectar-Producing Plants

Contact Us

Our collaboration with the academic world and research centers allows us to explore new frontiers in the research and implementation of proprietary technologies in agrivoltaic systems, laying the foundation for the integration of renewable energy with agricultural production.

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Turnkey Project

3Bee is the only point of contact that guides you 360 degrees on the project. With agronomic expertise and research partners, 3Bee manages all the necessary support for beekeeping project design. We are your technology provider for biodiversity and pollinator monitoring, and through our indices, we calculate the regeneration status of the land where the system is installed. Thanks to our network of over 3,000 beekeepers and our Hive-Tech, we can handle the entire process, from construction to annual hive management.

Project Benefits


Biodiversity Protection

Transparent and accessible monitoring data demonstrate the positive impact of our projects.


Incentives in the New PNRR

Beekeeping in agrivoltaic practices strengthens biodiversity, in line with sustainable production.


Environmental and Social Impact

We combine clean energy generation with the promotion of biodiversity.


Engaging Stakeholders and Territory

The tech apiary becomes a tool to proactively and consciously engage institutions, stakeholders, and employees in an exciting new experience that makes the project and commitment to the planet even more tangible. Our Education plan, integrated into the BeEnergy project, involves local schools in an educational journey about the world of bees, promoting environmental awareness.


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Start your journey to have a real impact on biodiversity protection and make your company biodiversity net-positive.

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BeEnergy is an initiative by 3Bee aimed at regenerating lands and sites designated for energy production, giving new value to the soil they are positioned on. The goal is to create a symbiosis between clean energy and biodiversity, generating 'shared value' for the various stakeholders involved, from the plant developer to the local community, to the entire surrounding ecosystem.