Create a agrivoltaic project to mitigate the impact of your PV/wind farm while safeguarding biodiversity.



The project involves creating a symbiosis between clean energy and biodiversity, through bees, to generate "shared value" for the proposing party, local community and environment.

  • Data monitoring and analysis with shareable quantitative results for reporting.
  • Regeneration through activation and direct management of beehives, planting of essences and agricultural production in line with the NRP.
  • Stakeholder and territorial involvement.

Data monitoring and analysis

Satellite Analysis

Agronomic and satellite analysis in collaboration with ESA


Bio Scanner IoT is the 3Bee tech for wildlife monitoring



Beehives capable of measuring Sound, Temperature, Humidity and Weight

Polly House

With sensor for air quality control

Nectariferous Plants

Planting of essences for nectar production

Quantitative Technology

The hives will be equipped with our bee health monitoring systems and decision support for beekeepers.
The goal is to move from a traditional apiary management approach to one based on data analysis.
Using our technology will result in a 30% decrease on colony deaths, with a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity of about 20%.
All 3Bee technologies for pollinators health monitoring and soil pollen status analysis are proprietary, developed through in-house expertise on agronomy and biodiversity, and built with university collaborations and research centers.

Horizon 2020 research and innovation programmeesaConsiglio nazionale delle ricerchecreaEITUniversità degli studi di FirenzeUniversità degli studi di Napoli

360° partner for project key in hand

3Bee is your single point of contact that accompanies you 360° on the project. With agronomic expertise and research partners, 3Bee manages all the support you need for beekeeping planning.
We are your technology provider for biodiversity and pollinator monitoring, and through our indices we calculate the regeneration status of the land on which the system is installed.
Thanks to our network of more than 3,000 beekeepers and our Hive-Techs, we can manage the entire process, from construction to the annual management of the apiary.



Protection of

In a transparent and verifiable manner, through the use of easily accessible and searchable monitoring data.

Incentives in the

Beekeeping is included in the guidelines for agri-voltaics, particularly as interventions for and on biodiversity.

and social impact

Creating a symbiotic partnership between clean energy generation and biodiversity.


The tech apiary becomes a tool to proactively and consciously engage institutions, stakeholders and employees in an exciting new experience that can make the project and commitment to the Planet even more tangible.
For greater involvement of the local community and institutions, 3Bee has created an Education plan, to go alongside the BeEnergy project, to involve the local school through an educational path to discover the world of bees.


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