3Bee Corporate Gifts

Revolutionize the concept of corporate gifting by placing sustainability at its core: surprise your collaborators with a meaningful gift that protects bees and enhances biodiversity.

Why Choose 3Bee Corporate Gifts

With 3Bee, you can give more than just a simple corporate gift; it's an investment in the future of our planet. Give your collaborators and clients the opportunity to contribute to pollinator protection, CO2 absorption, and biodiversity promotion.

Our Sustainable Selection

Explore our unique corporate gifts designed to surprise and enrich the biodiversity of our planet.

Monitoring each beehive allows you to track and measure your impact on the local ecosystem. By adopting a beehive, you provide an interactive experience that lasts all year. Thanks to the 3Bee app, your employees will follow the beehive's growth and bee health in real time.

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Benefits of Sustainable Gifts

Enhancement of the Corporate Brand

Supporting biodiversity not only enhances the company's reputation but also sets it apart from competitors. Giving trees or beehives represents a tangible commitment, elevating the brand's perception.

Strengthening of Corporate Culture

Engaging in sustainability projects can serve as a catalyst to strengthen corporate culture. It unites employees around a common cause, encouraging collaboration and a sense of belonging.

Social and Environmental Impact

Thanks to digital monitoring and dedicated KPIs, the company can measure the real-time effect of its actions. This not only provides useful data for sustainability reports but also raises awareness of its impact.

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Discover some of the projects we have carried out with our partner companies.

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Impact Created by 3Bee Gifts
2 Million

2 billion

Protected Bees


Partners Involved

50 thousand

Nectar-Bearing Trees Planted

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Certainly, there is an option for customization of corporate gifts, making them even more special and in line with your corporate identity. To discuss the details and available options, we invite you to contact our team.