The Beehive

Adopt a Beehive and help us monitor biodiversity and study honey bees. Adopt it remotely or at your location and share it with collaborators and stakeholders

Why Choose 3Bee?

3Bee's goal is to accompany businesses on their sustainability journeys, serving as a technological ally to support your commitment to biodiversity and offering specialized solutions and expertise to assess and improve environmental impact.

The six pillars of 3Bee


Monitoring Biodiversity

Bees as Environmental Sentinels: Pioneers in Biodiversity Monitoring. Bees travel up to 3 km to collect pollen and nectar, becoming valuable indicators of our ecosystem's health. Thanks to advanced sensors, the beehive 'communicates' the information collected by the bees. In this way, we work together to reduce bee mortality, examine plant diversity, and build an environmental monitoring network throughout Europe.


Monitor Biodiversity with 3Bee's Bees

Become a sustainable company, protect biodiversity by adopting a corporate beehive.



Choose a hive distance or at your company's location, care and monitoring included.



Sensors in the hive will listen to bees to discover essential information about biodiversity.



Raise awareness with our app by communicating your commitment and delivering honey from your hive

Choose the project for your company

Flexible options for every need: from making small positive changes to making significant impacts on biodiversity.

Improve Your ESG Goals

Zero Hunger

Thanks to pollinators, 3Bee supports food security. Pollinators are essential for plant reproduction, ensuring food production and the sustainability of agricultural systems.

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The Corporate Hive

3Bee offers the opportunity to remotely adopt one or more hives that will populate your virtual oasis.

Using 4.0 technology, we monitor environmental parameters useful for analyzing the biodiversity around us and the health of pollinators.

The 300,000 bees will fly, collect nectar and biodiversity information that our sensors will study and be available in your virtual oasis.

Impact on Your Brand

Develop your ESG project with 3Bee, and together, we will build the largest network of Biodiversity Oases in Europe!
Are you ready to make a difference?

The Digital Oasis

The project is on the ground but also online.

Through IoT technology, data related to your beehives converge in your virtual oasis accessible to Collaborators, Users, Customers, and Stakeholders.


Contact us and let's make the world a better and more biodiverse place

Contact us and let's start together to change the world and make it more biodiverse.

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Biodiversity Oases are urban and agroforestry habitats created by 3Bee to promote biodiversity conservation and protection.