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Apicoltura Coppola

Campania, IT
Bee mentor
120 million
The pollinated flowers by the bees I protect
60 thousand
The monitored bees that you can adopt
The kg of honey produced by the adoptable hives
3Bee Technological Hive Adoptions

I am part of 3Bee's 'Oasis of Biodiversity' project. You can adopt one of my hives. This project allows me to regenerate biodiversity by caring for bees using innovative technologies developed by 3Bee. Here you can choose to adopt your hive from a distance and I will take care of it using the best techniques.

My history

It all started when my older brother jokingly said: "what do you think if we bred bees?". After an initial moment of perplexity and astonishment, the idea of this project was developing, and we were ready to study and implement it. Apicoltura Coppola is a small beekeeping company established in 2021, run by two young brothers, Emanuele and Francesco Coppola, who, after several years of experience, decided to get involved. We like to call ourselves the keepers of this small insect (apis mellifera), so it is our duty and pleasure to take care of it. Our cardinal principles are: respect for the normal life cycle of our bees, the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity and existing flora, without affecting the laborious work of all other pollinating insects, research and innovation in beekeeping technology and techniques.

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What do you adopt

Thanks to 3Bee technology, you can remotely adopt your chosen hives and monitor them 24 hours a day. By tracking the bees' main biological parameters - such as weight, temperature, humidity and sound intensity - you can follow their progress, growth and health status directly from your smartphone. The beekeeper will take care of your bees.

You will also receive your digital certificate via email. If the adoption is a gift, you can print it out and give it directly to the recipient.

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What do you receive

If you choose to adopt hives and receive their honey, once your bees produce it, you will receive their honey directly to your home. All you have to do is select the favorite flowering, the amount of honey you want to receive, and wait for your bees to produce it.

We respect the bees' and beekeeper's production time, and you can check in your profile when the honey is scheduled to be delivered.
Meanwhile, from the app you can follow the work done by your bees.

The beekeeper does not currently have honey and hives available
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