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I Gherbin di Palladino Nicolò

Piemonte, IT

I am part of 3Bee's 'Oasis of Biodiversity' project. You can adopt one of my hives. This project allows me to regenerate biodiversity by caring for bees using innovative technologies developed by 3Bee. Here you can choose to adopt your hive from a distance and I will take care of it using the best techniques.

My history

The Azienda Agricola I Gherbin was established in 2014 as a result of my curiosity and the passion handed down by my grandfather Giuseppe for the fantastic world of beekeeping, who called the little house where the bees live 'Gherbin', which derives from the Piedmontese dialect, and hence the name of the company. In fact, in early spring the Roero provides us with dandelion honey and wildflower honey: the former is very intense both in the mouth and in the nose, known for its purifying properties and very rare; the latter is a riot of flavours taken from our orchards and meadows; then comes the blossoming of the Acacia, surely the most delicate honey... a confection! June/July we find the summer wildflower and honeydew honeys. In the latter the soothing, antibacterial and mineral-rich properties stand out, reminiscent of caramel. Also in June I move part of my bees to the foot of the nearby mountains in the Cuneo valleys, thus obtaining Chestnut honey.

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What do you adopt

Together with the 3Bee agronomists we analyzed the best set of Plants to regenerate the soil, produce nectar and restore biodiversity to the area. Selected dozens of Italian Growers among Beekeepers and Farmers, provided them with the plants free of charge. We pay them every year for every plant they care for and grow. Adopt a plant that helps sustainable beekeeping and farming communities, produce nectar for bees and absorb Co2.

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What do you receive

If you choose to adopt trees and produce biodiversity, you will receive a digital certificate with all the impact data generated by your tree: the Name of the Tree, the Absorbed Co2, the Nectar produced. In addition, the link to your digital Oasis where you will see the tree grow and you can monitor it and share it with your friends. Our growers take photos and videos of the tree and the regenerated soil, so that you can get feedback on the positive impact you have created.

How to adopt your tree

  • 1. Filter by rare trees
  • 2. Choose the region and the type of tree
  • 3. Continue by choosing the tree and join the oasis
  • 4. Complete personalizing your adoption

Choose the region and the type of tree

The grower has no trees to adopt

Don't worry, Roundbee will take care of it!

Choose the tree and its grower


What is included

Environmental impactCare and growth of your tree through regenerative techniques.
Social impactEthical remuneration of the grower who will take care of the tree.
ESA monitoringBiodiversity analysis and mapping through ESA satellites.
Adoption CertificateCertificate of adoption of your tree.
Always TraceableTracked and located photos of your tree, stories about biodiversity.