The hives and the bees of 3Bee

Here you can protect bees, find unique and rare honeys and discover all the technological hives of the 3Bee family.

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We protect bees

The hives available

Here you will find a list of our hives . Each hive is cared for and managed exclusively with sustainable methods , using technologies that allow the beekeeper and bees to have as little stress as possible . Every beekeeper take care of bees and you can choose between different Italian regions , different flowering , then different honeys available. Choose also whether to give away or to keep everything yourself the hive.

How to adopt your hive

  • 1. Choose the bloom and honey (if present in the plan you have chosen)
  • 2. Filter by region or beekeeper
  • 3. Continue adopting your hive and join the oasis

Choose the bloom and honey

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Don't worry, the bees are fine and in good hands

Choose the hive and his beekeeper


What is included in the adoption?

Environmental ImpactCare and growth of your hive through regenerative techniques.
Social ImpactPhotos and videos taken by your beekeeper. The project is totally territory-based.
Hive-Tech sensorsThe hive is really equipped with hi-tech sensors. To improve bee health.
Adoption CertificateCertificate of adoption of your hive. You will receive it after a few minutes via email or you can print it.
The 3Bee AppApp and monitoring of your hive 24h/7d. The hive is protected by our technology.