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This is Environmental Protection


3Bee, the new dimension of pollinator-oriented solutions for businesses


3Bee was created by an MIT researcher and a biologist to merge biology and electronics in innovative solutions

3Bee is a nature tech founded in 2017 with the goal of addressing the issue of biodiversity decline. Biodiversity is declining due to multiple factors, including urbanization, deforestation, pollution, climate change, and intensive agriculture.

Biodiversity decline can have serious and long-term consequences, including habitat loss, species extinction, and a decrease in the availability of food and clean water for both wildlife and humans. Therefore, biodiversity conservation is crucial to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and ourselves.


3Bee's mission is to protect biodiversity through the use of innovative technology and significant collaborations.

3Bee works to regenerate habitats. It enables true climate leaders to join the fight for biodiversity. It allows brands to create real biodiversity oases through scientific, technological, advertising, and employee engagement tools.

Many companies, brands, and partners are already using 3Bee's technology to have a positive environmental impact

Technology for Biodiversity Conservation

Discover it for yourself and see how it makes a difference

Monitoring Biodiversity


3Bee's technology is revolutionizing how we calculate and understand biodiversity. Using advanced sensors and machine learning algorithms, 3Bee can collect and analyze large amounts of data on species populations, habitats, and ecosystems.

This data is then used to create the world's first comprehensive biodiversity index, providing an accurate overview of the health and diversity of our planet's ecosystems. Thanks to this index, businesses, policymakers, and the masses can make more informed decisions on how to protect and preserve Earth's biodiversity for future generations.


Biodiversity Tools | Fauna

SPECTRUM® allows spectral analysis of insect sounds and counting of pollinators in a specific area. Using specialized microphones and machine learning algorithms, we can identify and classify different insect species based on their unique acoustic signatures. Additionally, the technology can be used to monitor the health and diversity of insect populations over time, helping us better understand the role these species play in the ecosystem.

Would you like to see biodiversity flourish with the help of advanced technologies?

Maximizing Biodiversity

3Bee helps companies in the agriculture, energy, retail, and real estate sectors achieve their goals

Sound is off


Growing urbanization has led to a significant loss of biodiversity. Companies and businesses need to monitor and mitigate their impact on urban biodiversity and create biodiversity oases.

3Bee is the first technological partner capable of meeting ESG and GRI requirements in terms of biodiversity and climate. We provide data and regenerative solutions through our network of growers. We help improve your sustainability report, engage your HR department, increase your NPS score, and enhance your brand positioning


Biodiversity plays a crucial role in ecosystem health, and agriculture has a significant impact on its conservation. Monoculture damages biodiversity and compromises the sustainability of agriculture. 3Bee's monitoring system is a tool that can help agricultural companies (olive, wine, cereal) identify species in their lands and improve crop management with a new biodiversity perspective. With the help of scientific data, companies can adopt more environmentally friendly farming practices and improve their profitability.


3Bee: The Missing Piece for Your Corporate Sustainability

For a sustainable future and ecosystem regeneration based on objective data that continually improves your business.


Sustainability Balance


Biodiversity assessment can be included as an appendix in your sustainability balance. Our assessment provides a comprehensive overview of biodiversity not only within your property but also in your supply chain.


A real biodiversity oasis and its digital copy, along with an educational platform for your employees. This service allows your employees to follow the growth and development of a lively and pulsating ecosystem: Brand Oases. Providing an engaging experience, your employees can better understand the importance of sustainability. This service can contribute to increased employee satisfaction and engagement, leading to a higher NPS score. We can help you create a more sustainable and ecological workplace by providing an engaging and educational experience for your employees

3Bee is revolutionizing biodiversity by making nature investments economically sustainable for the first time.


Community E

Brands, farmers, growers, universities, and schools.


At 3Bee, we are not just another consulting partner offering abstract advice. We are committed to having a direct and measurable impact on the environment and taking a practical approach to our projects. Our solutions are designed to be tangible and measurable, incorporating on-the-ground efforts that can be tracked and monitored over time.

Engineering, Agronomy, Communication, HR

We believe that by getting our hands dirty and working closely with our clients and their ecosystems, we can create real and lasting change. Through innovative use of technology, including IoT and satellite monitoring, we provide clients with comprehensive data that enables them to make informed decisions about their environmental impact. Our solutions are not only effective but also transparent, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of the impact of their sustainability initiatives

A team dedicated to biodiversity.


Research & Education E

12 universities, 14 international research partners, and over 500 primary schools.


Element was born from a collaborative effort between research institutes and international universities that led us to the final solution we have today. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability, along with deep knowledge of the latest scientific and technological advances, has allowed us to create a cutting-edge system for monitoring and improving biodiversity.

ESA as a Partner

Together with ESA, we are studying satellite images to define a scalable method for biodiversity monitoring

Constantly exploring new technologies


Our partnership with ESA reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, and we are excited to continue exploring new and exciting ways to leverage cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of our clients and the planet as a whole.

This is not just a Bee

This is a biodiversity certification. It's an asset for your company.