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What is 3Bee's Oasis?

3Bee's Biodiversity Oases represent the perfect fusion of nature and technology: physical and digital places that allow the conservation and regeneration of biodiversity. Urban and agroforestry habitats that serve as a refuge for pollinators and native flora, created in low biodiversity areas across Europe.
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What is in the oasis

A comprehensive biodiversity journey


Track the impact on biodiversity

Your Digital Oasis is the world's unique dashboard to track the impact you have and will have on biodiversity. You can track your oases or develop biodiversity offsetting projects.

The largest project for studying bees and biodiversity

Through IoT technology, project data converges in the virtual oasis: anyone can monitor the Biodiversity Oasis in real-time and stay updated on its real impact.

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Connect nature with technology

In 3Bee's Digital Biodiversity Oases, technology merges with nature to ensure the protection and regeneration of ecosystems. An ESG project is a tangible commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Through our initiatives, we offer a three-dimensional approach to sustainability reflected in our three core values



3Bee has developed environmental innovations, Hive-Tech, Spectrum, and Flora to monitor the health of pollinators and their ecosystems.



3Bee has implemented regenerative projects with over 500 partners, concretely contributing to biodiversity protection.



3Bee collaborates with research centers, schools, farmers, and citizens to promote the importance of biodiversity conservation.

Used by research centers, universities, and companies

University of Florence
University of Turin

Become a hero in biodiversity conservation

Protect, monitor, share, and have fun in safeguarding our planet. Nature needs heroes like you: are you ready to answer the call?

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