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A virtual green space, where the technological hives that you adopt or have adopted will appear.

You can do it alone or by involving friends. You will make a real contribution to protecting bees.

Share it and tell people about this project. By protecting bees and supporting their beekeepers. With 3Bee you will be able to control the growth of your hives from your phone thanks to our technology, used to care for and protect bees.


Hives adopted by your company and the people (employees, customers or stakeholders) who participate will appear here.

Each hive will create a tangible impact on the bees

How to Create Your Oasis
Become a bee ambassador and get your badge

Register Your Oasi
Choose one or more adoption plans and the number of gifts to make.
Get your badge 3Bee Partner
You'll get 100 free accesses to the app for each business hive to show your commitment. You'll be able to have your bees monitored and watch them grow. People will also be able to purchase honey from your adopted hive.
All hives chosen by you or people entering your oasis will be added to the map and the impact generated will update in real time.

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