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One of our aims is to preserve the environment and protect biodiversity. In order to concretely help pollinators rebalance ecosystems through the creation of sustainable forests, we have decided to take an active part in the 3Bee regeneration project by planting a nectariferous forest. Our action has a dual purpose: to encourage the growth of new trees by offsetting CO2 emissions and to support the pollination activity of bees. You can monitor our commitment directly from this page and follow the growth of our trees at all times. Expand your positive impact on the environment with us by adopting a beehive or a nectariferous tree and contribute together to the increase of protected biodiversity. Do good for the planet!


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You too can help the Oasis grow by adopting a 3Bee beehive

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You too can help the Oasis grow by adopting a 3Bee nectariferous tree

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