Sea pollution: the impact of human waste on marine ecosystems.

SEA POLLUTION | Episode 2 Season 1

Rosignano is the symbol of how human waste alters marine ecosystems. In the past, over 400 tons of Mercury were spilled into the sea which we now find in our fish chain. Posidonia, our ally for CO2 absorption is decreasing due to the opacity of the water. The beach has become Caribbean and is "perfect" for photo reports or advertising of tanning creams. But would you swim here? Watch the episode here . "It is paradoxical that such a technological age is so unscientific. And then there is a very poor ability to refer to authoritative sources. Climate change is determined by human productive activities." - Mario Tozzi

Year: 2022

Duration: 8m 20s

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Who is 3Bee?

Through this awareness campaign, 3Bee, the cutting-edge Italian company in bee protection through technology, draws attention to what we would like to be just a dystopian drama or horror movie, but unfortunately is the reality we live in. What is launched is an appeal to become the superheroes of our time, to deeply understand this danger and thus identify the most concrete and effective solutions to counteract it, restoring a healthy environment for present and future generations. Take the first step and join the largest community in Europe that protects bees and biodiversity. Use your voice to spread awareness.

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