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Experts call them 'extreme events.' In reality, they are tragedies with a very high cost in terms of human lives and biodiversity. They all bear the same hallmark: they can be attributed, more or less directly, to the ongoing climate changes on the planet, in turn linked to human activity, particularly the release of climate-altering gases into the atmosphere.


3Bee, the leading nature tech company in biodiversity protection through technology, launches a new awareness campaign on climate change and wants to involve you, as it certainly concerns you personally.


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Climate Change


Overexploitation of Resources


Overexploitation of Resources

Episode 1

Of the 3015 mining sites in Italy from 1870 to today, most are abandoned, with 794 for metallic minerals. Many have been managed without regard for the environment, releasing toxic waste. The current environmental impact, fueled by an outdated economic model, requires a change in our consumption and production systems. Pollinators are essential for ecosystem balance. If they are at risk, so are ecosystem services.


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Who is 3Bee?

3Bee is born from the idea of the two founders, Riccardo and Niccolò, respectively a biologist and an electronic engineer, to protect bees through predictive monitoring technology.

Until now, 3Bee has undertaken regenerative projects alongside over 500 companies in 10 countries that have chosen to contribute concretely to biodiversity protection. Since its inception, 3Bee has developed a network of over 3,000 biodiversity cultivators, installed more than 4,000 IoT sensors, and regenerated over 40,000 hectares.

Through the Biodiversity Oasis creation project, 3Bee restores nectar supplies to pollinators, creating habitats that host trees, pollinators, and technology.

Welcome to the world of those who dream of a world with bees.


Are you an individual?


Are you a company?

The more we are, the wider the shield protecting biodiversity becomes.


This is what happens with climate change






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The Great Meltdown is the 'film' that is unfolding before our eyes every day: the real and dangerous effects of climate change, impacting everyone. Watch all the episodes of the first and second season.