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Alongside Italian beekeepers with technology for bees.

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Trees are able to produce oxygen and remove CO2 from the atmosphere, clean the air, increase biodiversity. At 3Bee we only grow honey trees in Italy and create nectariferous forests that give nectar and food to pollinating insects.

Here you will find a list of our trees . Each tree is planted, cared for and managed exclusively in Italy and with sustainable methods , controlled with ESA satellites and monitored with 3Bee technology. Log in to your Oasis to see your positive impact.

Also choose whether to give or keep everything for yourself the tree.

How to adopt your tree

  • 1. Filter by rare trees
  • 2. Choose the region and the type of tree
  • 3. Continue by choosing the tree and join the oasis
  • 4. Complete personalizing your adoption

Choose the region and the type of tree

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What is included

Environmental impactCare and growth of your tree through regenerative techniques.
Social impactEthical remuneration of the beekeeper who will take care of the tree.
ESA monitoringBiodiversity analysis and mapping through ESA satellites.
Adoption CertificateCertificate of adoption of your tree.
Always TraceableTracked and located photos of your tree, stories about biodiversity.