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An original and sustainable gift. Make a difference for bees, biodiversity and our planet. Join the pollinator study project.

Gift a 3Bee hive with certificate and honey

Protect the bees

A hive is not only honey. Thanks to your gift the bees will be protected by 3Bee technology

Gift a beehive and choose the honey

A Beehive as a Gift

You decide on the honey, its quantity, region and hive. Before finalizing your purchase, choose the gift option.
You will be able to choose whether to email the adoption certificate or print and deliver it in person.

3Bee hives

How to gift a Beehive

Let your recipient choose honey, queen, region and more.
Purchase a gift card good for a 3Bee hive. You can decide whether to mail the card or print and hand-deliver it.

3Bee bees

Monitor the bees

The beehive adoption is a gift that you can both enjoy, both the giver and the recipient.
The giver of a hive has his own account, from which he can monitor the protected bees, see their photos and videos. It is the same for the recipient of the gift who also has his own account and in addition to monitoring the bees will also receive honey, if the plan chosen so provides.

What does your gift include?

Environmental and Social

Bee protection, ethical beekeeper remuneration and local regenerative projects.

Educational App

The recipient will access the app to monitor and "spy" on his bees. Photos, Videos from his hive in addition to biological and health parameters


The hive is equipped with hi-tech sensors to improve bee care and protection.


Personalized certificate of hive adoption and possibility of written dedication directly from you

What do you receive with the adoption

By gifting the adoption of a 3Bee hive you will be supporting a beekeeper and his bees with technology.

  • Notifications, news, videos and photos from your hive via APP
  • Bee health status data
  • Certificate attesting to the protection and care of your bees
  • If you chose it, freshly produced honey (not from the warehouse as everyone else does)
  • The gift recipient will become a beekeeper 4.0
Certificate 3Bee adopt a hive with honey and computer with adopted hive monitoring

Gift Now

Choose now a beehive

Protect bees and let's take care of biodiversity. We monitor them, beekeepers care for them, and you see them grow on the App.

Gifts for your team?

Make a corporate gift for your employees or clients.

Bee adopt a beehive Christmas gift


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