Adopt a bee

Adopting a bee is possible with 3Bee. Choose its little house and cocoons from osmia, the solitary bee. You will receive them during the spring season and you will be able to protect and care for them.

2 3Bee Osmias and their solitary bee house

Protecting bees

Here's how Adopt a bee

Osmias House

We developed together with the Andirivieni Cooperative a special solitary bee house. After 5 years of study, we identified the perfect nest for them.

Cocoons of Osmia

We have selected South Alpine solitary bees, which are already present throughout our territory. However, since they are mainly present between central and northern Italy, we do not ship to southern regions.

Install it on the balcony

Install the little house on your balcony. Do not put it in damp areas. If you are in a good location the bees will come by themselves otherwise you can use osmias cocoons to populate it.

01You will receive an Osmias house made of PEFC wood. Assembled by the social inclusion Cooperative Andirivieni. The little house is designed to protect solitary bees. Shipping 6-10 days from order.

Osmias House

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02Would you rather not have your own bees at home? Would you like your own hive of honey bees? Adopt a 3Bee hive and a true professional and sustainable beekeeper will take care of it for you.

Adopt a Beehive

Adopt an Osmia

The osmia is a solitary bee. It does not form hives and is called the gentle bee. It lives inside cavities like our Little House. It is extremely gentle and quiet. Stings have never been recorded because its sting is soft, similar to that of mosquitoes but flexible.

Solitary bee on human hand

Pollinator House

The pollinator house was developed to give the best possible home for solitary bees. We selected the perfect size and materials for the bees. Assembled by the Andirivieni Cooperative, it enables inclusion in the world of work for people with disabilities.

Osmie House on a balcony


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*We’re now facing a rapid decline of this species. Bees produce the 50% of the food you can find on your table. Because of that, they are crucial and essential for the environment, food production and human life.

The Osmia's ass

Osmias are hairy bees. They are very gentle and harmless bees. They can be installed in schools or kindergartens and their ass is plump and photogenic.

Ass of an Osmia

The technology to protect them

3Bee has been active in the protection of pollinating insects since 2016. We develop systems to analyze and monitor the health status of bees. This Osmia Technological device allows us to analyze the health status of osmias and the quality of the air around us.

Environmental biomonitoring House
Honey bee apiary in a green meadow
Adopt a Beehive


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