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Protect the bees

How does 3Bee work


Adopt or Gift a beehive with one click. Choose it by queen, flowering, and significance.


Download our app, watch the data from the sensors and track the growth of your hive.


In respect for the bees, we provide a small portion that you can receive at home.

Adoptable hives

Beehives looking for you

Here you will find some of our hives, you can search them by region and choose them based on the queen's name, the meaning of the pollinated flowering, or the number of bees you want to monitor and protect with our technology.

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Bees are essential

These small insects are the fundamental link in the entire food chain. Thanks to their tireless pollination work, bees are responsible for about 80% of the food we eat everyday.

Bee-pollinated fruit
Fruit and vegetables
Happy animals
Happy children with bees
For the youngest
Bee-pollinated flowers
Plants and flowers
With bees
106 typolgies of fruit and vegetables.
without bees

Bees pollinate flowers / year

With bees
forages and pastures in bloom.
Without bees

Bees pollinate flowers / year

With bees
Chocolate, Fruit juices, apples...
Without bees

Bees pollinate flowers / year

With bees
70% of crops, 90% of wild plants
Without bees

Bees pollinate flowers / year

We the bees are in danger

We, the bees, are not strong and resilient enough to climate change, pesticides, disease, pests, predators and toxic clouds. We try, hard, but we can't do it alone!

We need people, companies and public agencies to stand up for us concretely, with measurable and strong actions. We are tired of the usual marketing gimmicks and being exploited. Adopt a 3Bee hive is a 360-degree project that starts from flowers and reaches into space.

Dead bees due to nectar starvation
ape su mano umana di 3Bee
The causes of bee mortality
Flowers no longer produce nectar, fundamental nourishment for bees
External agents and agricultural chemical treatments poison bees
Pests, virosis and bacteria are fast spreading plagues
Monocultures, overbuilding and crazy climate are destroying biodiversity

3Bee supports the bees with science and technology,
creating a network of aware citizens

Monitoring, Regeneration, Education

We Monitor and Care

3Bee has developed technology to study honey and wild bees. We acquire data from bees to improve their care.

We Regenerate

Choosing a 3Bee hive helps to study biodiversity by developing unique agroforestry systems. Disseminating the land with nectar and pollen.

We Educate

Our data are used by universities to improve bee care protocols. We have also activated more than 800 elementary schools in outreach projects for children.

How to Adopt a 3Bee hive

Help beekeepers to protect bees with our sensors

3Bee sensor installed in a honey bee hive

Choose your beehive and your favorite kind of honey

Choose based on the flowering to pollinate, the name of the queen, and the amount of honey to collect at the end of the season. Your bees will be protected by 3Bee and its technology.

3Bee beekeeper caring for his organically raised bees and producing rare honeys

Choose your beekeeper

We have selected the best Italian beekeepers, offering them a new technology. 3Bee ® combines tradition and innovation.

App monitoring of 3Bee adoption

Follow your bees

After adopting from your profile, you can remotely monitor the growth of your hive with 3Bee sensors. Weight, humidity, temperature, sounds, photos and videos.

What does adopting a 3Bee hive include?

Environmental and
Social Impact

Bee protection and ethical compensation of the beekeeper

Educative App

App to monitor and spy on your bees. Photos and Videos from your hive in addition to biological parameters.


The hive is equipped with hi-tech sensors to monitor and care for bees


Personalized pdf certificate of adoption of your hive, with dedication option

What do you receive with the adoption

If you choose to adopt a 3bee hive you will start sponsoring technology and technology monitoring.

  • Notifications, news, videos and photos from your hive via APP
  • Bee health status data
  • Certificate attesting to the protection and care of your bees
  • If you chose it, freshly produced honey (not from the warehouse as everyone else does)
  • You will become a bee scientist and help beekeepers
3Bee adoption certificate of adopt a beehive


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*We’re now facing a rapid decline of this species. Bees produce the 50% of the food you can find on your table. Because of that, they are crucial and essential for the environment, food production and human life.


The word to the
3Bee beekeepers

Amiche Api
Alberto Reale
Il Giramiele
La Molinata
Il Riccio

A young reality able to give itself a clear mission in the direction of the right. An ambitious project capable of combining all the dimensions of sustainability (environmental, social, economic) and courageously participating in the paradigm shift we need. 3Bee ® ethics, professionalism, responsibility! »


« A beautiful gift from my daughter. I have adopted a hive. A little help for bees and beekeepers. An excellent honey received. A precious gift idea to share »


« I have been given a 3bee beehive as a gift thanks to the program that allows me to adopt one. I did not think that something simple and symbolic could make me so happy. Every now and then I monitor my hive and in September I will go and meet my bees who are now roaming around Italy. Thank you 3bee for actively contributing to the well-being of our planet! »

Monitora l’alveare Mondo Magico dall’app!
I segreti delle api
Scopri i segreti delle api con i racconti dell’apicoltore
3Bee si impegna a garantire che i propri alveari siano gestiti da apicoltori italiani altamente qualificati e che operano in modo etico e sostenibile.

3Bee fornisce loro una tecnologia innovativa di cura e monitoraggio, che consente agli apicoltori di tenere sotto controllo le condizioni dell'alveare, raccogliere dati sulle attività delle api e monitorare la salute dell'alveare in tempo reale.

Scopri i segreti delle api guardando il video dell’apicoltore.
L’indice di biodiversità
3Bee Phone App
Il Bee-Index di 3Bee
Attraverso l’uso di nuove tecnologie all'avanguardia, come le mappe satellitari in collaborazione con ESA (Agenzia Spaziale Europea) e lo Spectrum, possiamo monitorare nel tempo il miglioramento della fauna e della flora nelle zone di interesse con la redazione del primo indice quantitativo di biodiversità: il Bee-Index.

Spectrum è la tecnologia 3Bee per il monitoraggio della fauna.
I suoni, campionati e analizzati durante tutto l'anno, monitorano in tempo reale gli impollinatori e animali autoctoni.


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