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Why a research project on bees and pollinators?

Pollinators, especially bees, provide us with valuable insights into the ecosystem within a 2 km radius.

We've developed a technology that translates the language of bees, allowing us to understand their signals and needs.

Our aim is to map 90% of the European territory, differentiating between sustainable and problematic areas.

Our community of businesses and citizens is backing this initiative, making it one of the largest bee studies in Europe.

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How to adopt a beehive


Select the technological hive you wish to adopt. Each hive is monitored by sensors and microphones that collect data about the bees and their environment.


Download our app, analyze sensor data and track the growth of your hive. You are directly contributing to 3Bee's environmental research project.


Get photos and videos from your hive and a few jars of honey as a reward. In respect for the bees, we collect only a small portion of the honey.

Choose a favorite

The Beehives adoptable

Region, Queen name, number of bees to be protected or significance of the blooming to be pollinated. All hives are equipped with 3Bee Technology.

15% on your hive

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What threatens bees and biodiversity?

In the world of pollinating insects, three main categories emerge: generalists, specialists and nocturnal pollinators.

Generalists, like domestic bees, visit many flower varieties, appreciating biodiversity.

Specialists focus on characteristic species, forming mutualistic relationships with these plants.

Nocturnal pollinators, such as moths, work at sunset, when some plants release nectar and intense scents.

Impact on food production and the food chain. Preserving biodiversity for a sustainable future.

Dead bees due to nectar starvation
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What dangers do bees face?
Flowers no longer produce nectar, fundamental nourishment for bees
External agents and agricultural chemical treatments poison bees
Pests, virosis and bacteria are fast spreading plagues
Monocultures, overbuilding and crazy climate are destroying biodiversity

Why is adopting a beehive important?

Bees are essential

These small insects are the fundamental link in the entire food chain. Thanks to their tireless pollination work, bees are responsible for about 80% of the food we eat everyday.

Biodiversity in a field with and without bees
Market with and without bees
Cities with and without bees and pollinators
Our cities
With bees
50,000 species
Without bees
less than a thousand

With bees
105 types
Without bees

With bees
Green, alive, fresh
Without bees

3Bee connects nature with technology


3Bee has developed the technology that allows studying honey bees and wild bees. We collect data on bees to improve their care.


By choosing a 3Bee hive, you contribute to developing biodiversity and unique agroforestry systems. Disseminating nectar and pollen across the territory.


Our data is used by universities to improve bee care protocols. Finally, over 800 schools have activated 3Bee's educational programs.

How does 3Bee work?

The research project

3Bee sensor installed in a honey bee hive


We don't create new hives, instead, we take care of the existing ones. We protect them using innovative methods that allow accurate biomonitoring.

Bee on hand by contini 3Bee beekeeper of biodiversity


We have carefully selected 80 beekeepers from over 15,000 requests. Only experts capable of cultivating land, developing nectar oases, and taking care of all pollinators.

App monitoring of 3Bee adoption


All hives are constantly monitored by biomimetic sensors that analyze bee health variations. Our bees have a reduced mortality rate of over 30%.

What do you receive with the adoption

  • Regular updates on the beehive: health conditions, beekeeper activity, honey harvest
  • Video and photo content of your bees
  • Personalized certificate with the impact created
  • Honey from the beehive: depending on the package, you will receive a predetermined amount
  • Contribution to biodiversity and science: by becoming a virtual beekeeper, you will support scientific research
  • From the app, you can request more honey from the beehive
3Bee adoption certificate of adopt a beehive
3bee apps for monitoring technological hives
Honey 3Bee on tree
Monitor the hive from the app
Discover their world
Explore the secrets of bees through the beekeeper's tales
By adopting a 3Bee hive, you will have the opportunity to create a direct connection with the beekeeper. You will receive regular updates on the health of the bees and the status of the hive, and you will discover their secrets.

3Bee is committed to ensuring that its hives are entrusted to expert beekeepers engaged in regenerative biodiversity practices. All use 3Bee's innovative care and monitoring technology to keep an eye on the hive conditions and ensure the well-being of the bees.

By adopting a 3Bee hive, you support biodiversity and bee conservation while discovering more about their world.
Receive the gift
3Bee Phone App
A symbol of honey
As a token of our appreciation for adopting a 3Bee hive, we will send you a small amount as a symbol of our gratitude.

3Bee honey is a unique and precious product, obtained from bees that feed on flowers and plants present in the areas surrounding the hive. The harvest is carried out using non-invasive techniques that respect bees and the surrounding environment.

By adopting a 3Bee hive, you support bee conservation and their study, while enjoying the contents of the beekeeper who takes care of the adopted hive for you.

« Una realidad joven capaz de darse una misión clara en la dirección de lo justo. Un proyecto ambicioso capaz de combinar todas las dimensiones de la sostenibilidad (medioambiental, social, económica) y de participar con valentía en el cambio de paradigma que necesitamos. ¡3Bee es ética, profesionalidad y responsabilidad! »


« Un hermoso regalo de mi hija. He adoptado una colmena. Una pequeña ayuda para las abejas y los apicultores. Una excelente miel recibida. Una preciosa idea de regalo para compartir»


« Me regalaron una colmena 3bee gracias al programa que permite apadrinar una colmena. No pensé que algo tan simple y simbólico pudiera hacerme tan feliz. De vez en cuando controlo mi colmena y en septiembre iré a conocer a mis abejas que ahora están recorriendo Italia. Gracias a 3bee por contribuir activamente al bienestar de nuestro planeta. »

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*We’re now facing a rapid decline of this species. Bees produce the 50% of the food you can find on your table. Because of that, they are crucial and essential for the environment, food production and human life.


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