3Bee has created a Biodiversity calendar for you.

Discover the most significant events dedicated to biodiversity: from international days dedicated to environmental protection to company events focused on sustainability, our biodiversity calendar keeps you updated and offers you the opportunity to be an active part of the solutions for a biodiverse world.

Active participation

Add the biodiversity calendar to your planner to actively participate in events that promote biodiversity protection.


Every event in the calendar is an opportunity to learn more about the crucial themes of biodiversity and sustainability.


Participating in biodiversity calendar events gives you the opportunity to connect with professionals, activists, and enthusiasts who share your interests.

Discover all the international days not to be missed and the events of 3bee

Every day is a new opportunity to make a difference. International days dedicated to the environment are more than just dates on the calendar: they are a global invitation to action and awareness.

In the calendar, you will also find all 3Bee events, what are you waiting for?


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