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Donate and monitor biomonitoring hives or nectar plants.


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Gifts that Protect Biodiversity

With every gift, you also give a positive environmental impact



3Bee has developed technology that allows studying honey and wild bees. The data helps us understand the health of biodiversity.



Our nectariferous plants, planted in Italy, protect pollinators, representing a crucial step in the regeneration of the environment.



Our data recorded with 3Bee technology are used by over 15 universities and research centers. Over 800 schools have also activated our educational programs.

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Gift a Beehive

3Bee has developed unique technology for pollinator health. For the entire year, you can delve into bee biomonitoring, checking their vital parameters, as well as videos and photos uploaded by your beekeeper. The connection between you and your bees will be stronger than ever.


Gift a Tree

Gift a nectariferous tree that will be planted in Italy. The gift recipient can monitor their tree and its environmental impact from their Digital Oasis and stay updated.

Adoption-ready collections for you

Choose 3Bee collections, packages prepared for every occasion, so you can share them with friends, family, and those you love. Protect biodiversity together!

The Connection between Gifts, Biodiversity, and Technology

Opting for sustainable gifts is not only a gesture of environmental responsibility but also a way to promote biodiversity and use technology in favor of pollinators.


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Human Biodiversity

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Our Growers

The Growers 3Bee community consists of beekeepers and farmers committed to caring for soils, pollinators, and plants through sustainable farming practices and the adoption of bees, trees, and pollinators. Together, they work to promote biodiversity conservation and improve the sustainability of agriculture.

Our Growers

We have developed the proprietary Spectrum technology, which monitors the level of pollinators in a specific area, and collaborated with the ESA to create Flora to map the state of flora through satellites and monitor the level of local biodiversity. These data are collected and analyzed to ensure optimal growth and health of the tree and pollinators.