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The 3Bee podcast show on climate, environment, and biodiversity. Airing from February 2024.

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Yet Another Podcast on Climate, but a Bit (Bio)diverse.

Biodiverse Podcast is the video podcast by 3Bee that weaves humor, lightness, and information into an accessible format for everyone.

The first season of Biodiverse Podcast consists of 6 episodes and addresses current topics of fundamental importance, such as the climate crisis and biodiversity, in a lively and original way. Each episode presents an exclusive perspective on the big questions of sustainability: from climate change to sex, from feelings to mosquito extinction, all the way to nuclear energy.

Not your typical green podcast, but a tool for dissemination, discussion, and learning, to tell the story of biodiversity in an unprecedented way.

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The Speakers

From the 3Bee team, the most authoritative and irreverent voices of biodiversity.



Head of Sustainability at 3Bee, the mountain is her natural habitat. When she's not climbing, she's passionately educating and informing. Wouldn't be surprised to find her holding a class at 2000 meters; always ready to climb new peaks of environmental education!

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Environmental Scientist at 3Bee, he would do anything to tell how beautiful and fascinating biodiversity is. Even running to the other side of the world to venture into endless caves or even to swim among great white sharks (yes, it really happened!).

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Our Guests

Scientists, journalists, communicators reveal themselves in every episode of 3Bee's video podcast. Each episode gathers the expertise of some of the most renowned sustainability and environmental professionals, with specialized insights on climate and biodiversity.

“3Bee expands its horizons and reinvents itself as a podcaster, embracing a new form of dissemination accessible to everyone, to tell the biodiversity in an unprecedented way.“


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The 3Bee Academy

3Bee has always been committed to biodiversity dissemination alongside institutions, companies, and schools. With the Biodiverse Podcast, 3Bee lands on an innovative channel to deepen from a new perspective topics that it proposes every day in corporate training courses in a dynamic and engaging format.


ESG Training

The 3Bee Academy includes sustainability theory and interactive experiences for a new engaging training proposal in the ESG field. The training is aimed at strengthening HR, Marketing, and Sustainability department engagement programs. The 3Bee Academy allows companies to provide their employees with the tools to actively contribute to positive change and the corporate culture of sustainability. Join the program that combines professional development and social and environmental responsibility.


Professional Update

An opportunity for companies to offer their employees continuous updates in the field of sustainability.


Hybrid Mode

The 3Bee Academy is based on a Blended Learning approach that combines face-to-face and online training, according to business needs.

Who is 3Bee?

3Bee is the leading naturetech company in Italy in the development of technologies for monitoring and protecting biodiversity, recognized by the EU as the development partner for the first certified biodiversity credits.

Starting from the bee, a fundamental bioindicator, 3Bee collects and interprets environmental data through innovative technologies to monitor the health of pollinators and their connection with ecosystems. 3Bee offers assessment, monitoring, regeneration, and training solutions for biodiversity.

To date, 3Bee has implemented regenerative projects alongside over 500 companies in 10 countries that have chosen to contribute concretely to biodiversity protection. 3Bee collaborates with research centers, schools, farmers, growers, and citizens to promote the importance of biodiversity conservation.

Participate in the largest European study project on bees and biodiversity


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The Biodiverse Podcast is 3Bee's podcast show that addresses current topics such as the climate crisis and biodiversity. In the landscape of Italian podcasts on climate, Biodiverse Podcast is not the usual green podcast, but represents a tool for dissemination, comparison, and learning to tell biodiversity in an unprecedented way and with a new language.


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