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Who are the hunters of today?
3Bee answers this and many other questions in the third episode of Podcast Biodiverso

Biodiverse Podcast - Episode 5

Is hunting a threat to biodiversity?

What is the role of hunting? This question opens one of the most complex and divisive debates in the world of environmental conservation. Hunting is often viewed negatively: it is a multifaceted issue with profound implications for biodiversity and ecosystem management. In the fifth episode of 3Bee's Podcast Biodiverso, we explore all aspects of hunting with Nicolò Mottadelli, a wildlife consultant and experienced hunter.

Is there a correlation between the figure of the hunter depicted in fairy tales and the real one? Who is responsible for wildlife mapping, land regeneration and the containment of certain species? To find out the answers to these questions, listen now to the fourth episode of Podcast Biodiverso, with Nicolò Mottadelli as guest.

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We proposed to our guest Nicolò Mottadelli, a game about biodiversity similar to Taboo. This is how an extra content was born, made of hilarious gags and unmissable curiosities. Ready to discover it?

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Discover on the 3Bee blog the behind-the-scenes of the episode and other curiosities about hunting and its implications for biodiversity and ecosystems.

Nicolò Mottadelli

Hunting for Biodiversity

Nicolò Mottadelli

Nicolò Mottadelli

Wildlife technician at the Alpine Hunting Districts in the province of Bergamo

Thanks to his work, he is lucky enough to experience the mountains in all their aspects. He is so in tune with the alpine environment that the chamois now consider him part of the landscape.

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