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Can mosquitoes be eradicated?
3Bee answers this and many other questions in the third episode of Podcast Biodiverso

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When and how did tiger mosquitoes arrive in Europe?

Mosquitoes are small insects known for their characteristic buzzing and biting ability. Not everyone knows that behind these small insects there are big problems: mosquitoes are complex insects, with an important evolutionary history. But what are the consequences for the environment? In the sixth episode of 3Bee's Podcast Biodiverso, we explore the topic with Maurizio Casiraghi, Zoologist and Professor of Zoology and Evolution.

Do mosquitoes transmit diseases? Does the increase in global temperature affect their behavior and distribution? To find out the answers to these questions, listen now to the sixth episode of Podcast Biodiverso, with Maurizio Casiraghi as guest.


We proposed to our guest Maurizio Casiraghi, a game about biodiversity similar to Taboo. This is how an extra content was born, made of hilarious gags and unmissable curiosities. Ready to discover it?


Discover on the 3Bee blog the behind-the-scenes of the episode and other curiosities about mosquitoes (even the tiger ones!).

Maurizio Casiraghi

Biodiversity that stings

Maurizio Casiraghi

Maurizio Casiraghi

Zoologist, Professor of Zoology and Evolution and Vice-Rector for Education at the University of Bicocca in Milan.

Passionate about insects since the age of 7, he says he has always had a longing for Africa.



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The Biodiverse Podcast is 3Bee's podcast show that addresses current topics such as the climate crisis and biodiversity. In the landscape of Italian podcasts on climate, Biodiverse Podcast is not the usual green podcast, but represents a tool for dissemination, comparison, and learning to tell biodiversity in an unprecedented way and with a new language.