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Are you a talented professional looking for a new challenge?
Are you part of a team of innovators who want to make a sustainable impact? Join the challenge and join the 3Bee team in Italy or France or Germany

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How we are going to do it

We are looking for 10 talents in Italy, 4 talents in Germany and 4 in France to form our International Teams that will take 3Bee to Europe.

3Bee Impact Team

A senior and trained team

A highly trained team with skills and expertise in business development, marketing, software development, data science, and environmental engineering. The new people will step into key, mid and senior roles and will be expected to take responsibility for leading 3Bee from startup to scaleup.

3Bee's The Great Meltdown campaign to raise awareness of climate change

A budget to match

We have raised 5M€ euros to invest in 24 months between Marketing, Communication, R&D, Development and Operations. The goal is to make 3Bee solid in the Italian market and develop the European market.

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Unique products and services

3Bee in Italy boasts nearly 200 thousand clients and 1000 partner companies. We invented the Adopt-a-Hive service, with which we develop Regenerative beekeeping and protect pollinators.

Who is 3Bee?

3Bee is the agri-tech startup founded in 2016 to protect biodiversity and improve the quality of life of pollinators and bees. 3Bee has developed innovative technology and services for beekeepers, adopters and companies ready to expand their impact on biodiversity.

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Our ambition

We want to become the European reference for biodiversity. To achieve this, we will invest over 5M€ on the environment, and for the best profiles we will invest 500k€ in stock options to be distributed within three years.

10 people in Italy

We are looking for people with a background of at least 5 years in business or research. Salary will be between 35k€ and 60k€ + stock-option up to 100k€ per person.

5M€ Budget

We will manage together 5M€ budget for marketing, business development, certifications, administrative management, research & development and operations.

Italy & Germany & France

We are building a 50-person macro team, one in Italy (40 people) one in Germany (4 people) and one in France (4 people).

Frontal bee hive with 3Bee sensor on the flight step

What we did in the last 4 years

We became the Italian reference for biodiversity, and now we're looking to extend our biodiversity actions around Europe. Since 2016, we succeed to create a network in Italy with different stakeholders: beekeepers, companies and adopters. Nowadays, we count more than 3000 beekeepers, 500 companies and 200 000 adopters in our network.


Beekeepers in Italy and Europe who collaborate with us and use 3Bee technology.


Protected and monitored bees and more than 200,000 customers who protect bees together with us.


Social Corporate Responsibility projects with small, medium and large companies in order to protect biodiversity.


IoT Technology for the biodiversity

We have developed different technology to monitor honey bees, wild bees and the surrounding biodiversity. We are the only player in Europe capable of calculating the Biodiversity Index (B-index) of a precise area.

02Protection of bees

Thanks to the technology we protect bees and biodiversity

3Bee's goal is to protect bees and biodiversity. In addition to calculating the B-Index, we develop projects to protect and regenerate soils and the environment.


Services for the consumers

For B2C consumers we have one main service, Adopt a Beehive:

  • Monitoring a beekeeper's technological hive in Europe
  • Adoption certificate
  • Genuine and traced honey

Services for companies

For companies and consumers we offer these activities:

  • Biodiversity credits through beehives' adoption and bees' protection (similar to Carbon Credits);
  • Corporate beehives and nectariferous forests (Co2 absorption)
  • Training courses and workshops

We collaborate with


What positions are we looking for?

Job position as growth hacker in 3Bee

Biz Dev | Regeneration

5+ experience

Job position as a business developer

Flutter Developer

3+ experience

Position for agronomist regenerative agriculture 3Bee

ReactJs Developer

5+ experience

How does it work the selection?

We will choose only the best candidates for each country and we will train a unique Team capable of creating a real impact on the environment together with 3Bee technology


Apply as soon as possible, positions remain open 10/15 days.


After careful review of applications by our team, positive feedback will be communicated in less than 15 days. Receiving more than 1000 applications per month, we are unable to provide negative feedback.


Interviews will be via Google Meet and will last between 15 and 60 minutes.


3Bee is the reference for sustainability, the defense of bees and biodiversity
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