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What is the 3Bee oasis for?

The 3Bee oasis is a virtual space of your own. Where only your adopted hives will appear. It will also feature a summary of the number of bees you are protecting, the number of flowers you are pollinating, and the beekeepers you support with your hives.

Become an ally of bees, choose a technological hive too, create your own oasis.

Lavender flowers and lavender honey 3Bee

An oasis to adopt bees

Protect bees with our sensors.

3Bee beekeeper caring for his organically raised bees and producing rare honeys

Choose the name of your oasis

We have selected the best Italian beekeepers, providing them with new technology and offering them the monitoring service. 3Bee ® combines tradition with innovation.

Rare honeys from 3Bee, not only manuka but also linden, wildflowers, ailanthus and honeydew organic honey

Share your oasis

Choose the biodiversity you want to create and the amount of honey you can enjoy at the end of the season. The service also includes sending the honey!

Bees protected and cared for by 3Bee to reduce mortality

Adopt a beehive and crowd your oasis

From your profile you can remotely monitor the growth of your hive with 3Bee sensors. Weight, humidity, temperature and sound. The beekeeper will do the rest.

The hives

Do you want to start with a beehive right now?

Let's discover millefiori honey, each Italian territory has its own.

3Bee is the reference for sustainability, the defense of bees and biodiversity
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