Corporate Hive

Bring sustainability to your company. Adopt it remotely or on-site and watch it grow and develop with our app.

Urban beehive for CSR projects with companies

How does the 3Bee corporate beehive work?


Choose whether to adopt it in the territory or set up a station inside your company.


Our regenerative growers will take care of your beehives. Their mission is to protect biodiversity.

App & Honey

Each of your employees will have their own personal access to your beehives and you can receive the honey produced.

Why the bees from 3Bee?

Choosing 3Bee for your corporate sustainability project means relying on a company that is a leader in biodiversity and committed to protecting the environment. With more than 3500 beekeepers in Europe and circa 2 billion bees that are monitored and protected, , 3Bee offers you the ability to adopt a hive remotely or find the best location near your offices. In addition, thanks to 3Bee's technology, your bees will be monitored in real time and you will always be updated on their health and productivity. Choosing 3Bee also means you can increase awareness of your employees of environmental issues, improve your company's E-NPS and enhance your brand positioning and your relationship with your customers.

Corporate hive to be included in your sustainability report
Corporate beehive for CSR
Frame of a corporate hive
Corporate hive to be included in your colorful sustainability report
Open hive with 3Bee sensor
Corporate beehive jungle to be included in colorful sustainability report

The results of your hive

Investing in nature pays off in so many ways. No longer are projects simply an end in themselves, but you will be able to improve various business KPIs.

Sustainability report

Differentiate your company by demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability. Including bees in your sustainability report demonstrates your company's commitment to protecting the environment and supporting local communities, enhancing your brand reputation and distinguishing you from your competitors.


Enhance your employees' experience with an immersive project. The corporate beehive provides a unique opportunity to engage your employees directly in a sustainability project. This allows you to increase employee satisfaction, improve E-NPS and create a positive and inspiring atmosphere within your company.


Communicate your sustainability in an innovative way. With the customized media kit, you can improve your business communication and engage your community in an innovative way. The kit is designed to promote your business and show your commitment to environmental sustainability and enhance your brand reputation.

01Select the hive

The hive best suited for your business

Select a remote hive adoption within our existing oases, or we will evaluate the best location at your company. With remote bee monitoring technology, you can monitor your bees in real time, check the health status of the insects, and take action if needed. 3Bee technology allows you to monitor hive conditions at all times, ensuring the health and productivity of your bees. Choose the best hive for your company and help protect the environment and local communities.


Monitoring sensors

3Bee technology used on your corporate hive allows you to create an immersive experience for your employees, enabling them to track bee development and honey production. With monitoring sensors, you can create a gamification experience for your employees to monitor bee activity and check the productivity of the hive. In addition, the mobile app allows you to view sensor data clearly and easily, making the experience even more engaging and fun.


Virtual Oasis

Thanks to your hive, you will be able to access your Virtual Oasis, a customized landing page where you can follow the growth of your hive, publicize the project to the outside world, and find all communication materials, photos, and videos of the hive. Through this platform, you can show your commitment to environmental sustainability. The Virtual Oasis is a place for sharing and interaction, where your employees can actively participate in the project, access educational materials, and reserve honey produced by your hive.


Media kit and content

With 3Bee's corporate hive project, you will have access to a comprehensive media kit and quality content to engage your community and promote your commitment to environmental sustainability. You will receive:

  • video and photographic content of your beehive;
  • content on your oasis;
  • educational materials for your staff and their children.
05Team Building

Engage your employees by bringing them to your bees

As a symbol of their commitment to supporting bees and biodiversity each participant at the end of the day will receive:

  • the customized beekeeping suit;
  • a certificate of participation;
  • a jar of honey.

They already have their own beehive

Monitor the hive from the app
Digital hive for your employees to monitor
Le api in città?
friends bees photo
Learn how to protect biodiversity everywhere, from the countryside to the city.
Protecting the bees is possible. We are the first biodiversity engineering company.

We have developed a service that will improve your standing in the world of biodiversity. Today it is increasingly essential in biodiversity certification
Team Building
Adopt a beehive tech with your cell phone
A gift from your bees
Your hive is cared for and protected throughout the year. 3Bee has chosen and selects only restorative beekeepers who use precise care techniques for their bees. The beekeeper's logbook is mandatory and allows us along with sensors tracking to understand the health status of the bees. The honey will then be sent to you who helped protect it.
Retro BeeBox con codice di attivazione
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Read what our partners who chose us to accompany them on their path to sustainability think.

Nicolas Bargi
Founder & CEO
Save the Duck
“Thanks to WE RESPECT BEES Save The Duck intends to rediscover the harmony between man, nature and animals, in order to influence the business model of fashion companies. Protecting bees is an essential action to make the difference.”
Team NeN
“To really change things, it's not enough to just look at your own situation - we thought we could do more. That's why we decided to help our friends at 3Bee and preserve as many bees as possible.”
Nicolas Bargi
Founder & CEO
Save the Duck
“Thanks to WE RESPECT BEES Save The Duck intends to rediscover the harmony between man, nature and animals, in order to influence the business model of fashion companies. Protecting bees is an essential action to make the difference.”
Giorgia Carrozzo
Coordinator of environmental sustainability projects
Geko Viaggi
“We want Geko for Green to be considered more as a project than as a product, for this reason we needed to start with a concrete initiative to demonstrate our commitment first.”
Victoria Aldana
Marketing Coordinator Syes
“3Bee is a concrete demonstration of how technology can be an ally of nature, supporting natural processes by making them more efficient. We adhere with joy and conviction to their mission through the Pollinate the Planet program and we look together to the Future.”
Giulia Pelizzoli
Brand Manager TenScience
“We started with a small great awareness: the planet, as we know it today, would not exist if not for bees. Because creating and protecting beauty, for us is more than a constant commitment, it's a mission. So we asked ourselves: “What if a flap of wings were enough?””
Irene B. Silvio D.B.
Animation Coordinator Ubisoft
“3Bee shares with us innovation, courage and great ambitions, placing them at the service of a concrete project with a strong social and environmental impact. For this reason Ubisoft Milan joins the cause and becomes a partner of 3Bee!”
Ettore Maretti
Managing Directo Rem srl
“When we chose how to actively engage in a social responsibility project, the choice was easy because 3Bee brings together many aspects that reflect the different sensibilities of the staff in the company: environmental protection, animals and nature.”
Fabrizio La Licata
Responsabile Marketing Gruppo Mondial
“Mondial Group and 3Bee have a common goal: to look towards a more sustainable future. To build a better world, we need a constant commitment from companies, and with 3Bee we have set ourselves this goal.”
Sauro Lamberti
CEO Nuovamacut
”The decision to support the project of 3Bee is fully in line with our corporate values: every day Nuovamacut turns to companies, professionals who create value within the Italian production fabric with a strongly sustainable approach.”
Gian Paolo Crepaldi
Inside Technologies
“We believe that each of us has a duty to make a contribution to the preservation of the environment. That's why we have immediately joined the wonderful project of 3Bee: let's protect bees, a fundamental link for the maintenance of biodiversity.”
Giovanni Dognini
Presidente Open Group
“We have chosen to become partners of 3Bee because we share the same values and challenges, because we want to be the protagonists of a project with a strong environmental and social impact.”
Chiara Rondina
Admin. & Finance officer, HR manager O.M.S.
“How much does the life of a bee matter? What about the value of a tree?" With questions like these we want to design a future for all in which the Earth, our unique and special planet, with its wealth of water and biodiversity, must be protected and helped.”
Cristina del Guasta
Presidente CdA MCA Digital
“3Bee, through the Pollinate the Planet program, has helped us to identify the solution that best corresponds to our needs, also accepting our requests in order to better enhance the message that we try to transfer to our customers.”
Gian Paolo Crepaldi
CMO & Co-Founder
Direttore Generale Desa Pharma - Brand Apropos
”Always deeply connected to the world of Bees, which provide us with Propolis, the element at the core of our DNA formulation, we initiated the #BeeTheChange for the future project, supporting 3Bee's Pollinate the Planet campaign, with which we share a common mission and values.”
Roberta Mello Rella
Coordinator of environmental sustainability projects
Operations Director and Founder of Noverim
”Our stakeholders know our focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. By joining 3Bee's Pollinate The Planet project, we can not only set a positive example but also share our intent by actively involving them in our drive for a better future.”
Erika Gizzi
Marketing Coordinator Syes
"While surfing the Internet, we discovered 3bee. We were immediately struck by the reality it represents. That's why we decided to take an active part in this project to protect bees and all that they represent for the environment."
Livia Mannocchi
Partner and Marketing Manager at MFLaw
"We strongly wanted to support 3bee, as we are convinced of the enormous positive impact generated by such an innovative and technologically advanced partnership."
3Bee is the reference for sustainability, the defense of bees and biodiversity
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